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Internal View

“Only you are looking out from your eyes. Only what is inside, you recognize” – Emmanuel 

I once worked at the beach and had a great view of the Caribbean Sea, but I moved my office to the street side and all I could see out my window was traffic and people walking by. At first I thought I would not be able to enjoy it but as time wore on I realized that my internal view of things are the most important aspect of my life. The exterior world is in constant flux but how we view it on the inside is what keeps our peace of mind. We are in motion even in stillness.

Our internal life is regulated by the internal essence we assume. When surrounding change it is up to us to manage the inner view. How we see change is what matters to keep us maintain balance in our lives. Do you like change? Or are you afraid of an assumed loss?

Sometimes the winds are strong on the island especially in March. The tide boils up on the reef and drives the water, bringing the sea grass and debris unto the shore. It is as though nature is cleaning the sea. Standing against the wind is not easy, better to go with the flow. Like tacking in a sailboat you can still weave to your destination. Change as the wind is constant- time and thoughts, each day we are moving constantly to some place. How we think is imperative. Each thought has a value in the now and future of our lives. Focus is a major consonant in creation.

“Growth is never about focusing on someone else’s lessons, but only on our own. We are not victims of the world outside us.” –Marianne Williamson

What occupies your mind becomes your reality. Why waste your mind on petty grievances? Yesterdays regrets, pains of childhood, broken relationships, financial losses all become petty to the bigger picture of your evolution. Every aspect of your being is about evolution. The one that created you cares only for your internal essence-what you are inside.

Relationships, health, work, finances, spiritual pursuit, all are passages to our souls evolution. On a micro-cosmic level, there is no stillness-every atom alive, pulsating with movement beyond our vision. Beneath everything God the Great Order of Divine is moving unlimited to a continual destination.

Below are some questions to explore your internal view:

Relationship: When was the last time I spent quality time with my family, friends or loved ones?

Social Life: Have I shown appreciation to my co-workers and friends? Have I contributed to the community?

Health and fitness: Am I happy with my body? Do I treat it with loving kindness?

Work and Money: Do I acknowledge gratitude for the abundance in my life? Do I take action to manage my money wisely?

Spiritual Development: when was the last time I slowed down to see where I am going? What was the last thing I read that spoke to my inner spirit? Does my spiritual belief serve my internal view?

Finally, be honest with yourself. Know that whatever answer you give is the beginning of seeing where your internal view is. Knowing where you are inside, you can choose the path that is best for you to follow.

Excerpt from “Secrets To Life Book” by Chris Emmanuel
Book available at Chris Emmanuel Art Gallery (Sunbreeze Hotel) and Pages Book Store

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