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What is Common Sense?

“Knowledge & common sense brings wisdom; Knowledge without common sense is nonsense.”

Just the other day on Front Street near the airstrip, I witnessed road rage in San Pedro. A driver in a Taxi had stopped in middle of traffic, blocking the way. The driver of a small truck behind was quite upset and started to beep his horn. The taxi driver stepped out of his van just as the small truck eased by on the side waving his fist and yelling insults at the taxi driver as he sped away.

As our little town grows into a city we will have to practice common sense when it comes to the road and driving. But, what is common sense? In the dictionary it says- Common Sense: Sound practical sense. There are many general definitions of the term on the Internet, such as Wikipedia’s definition, which states, “Common sense is what people in common would agree: that which they “sense” in common as their common natural understanding.” But, who defines common sense? Considering all the cultural influence in Belize we will have to get something together when it comes to the roads.

To keep peace around town both pedestrians and motorists, need to exercise common sense when approaching one another. And judging by some of the actions on the road, it seems many people haven’t any sense at all.

However, I believe if we look out for each other, common sense will prevail for all individuals travelling around the streets of La Isla Bonita. As for the street issue, let’s all try these:

Pedestrians are first: When you are behind the wheel, don’t forget that you also will be walking at times too, so practice common courtesy with people and animal walking on the street.

Think before you stop: When traveling around town consider the other drivers around you before you stop. Do your best to make it comfortable for all people in any given situation.

Think simply before making decisions where to park: Blocking other drivers in when you park, even if you think you are only going to be a minute, always turns in to a sticky situation all around.

The world does not revolve around you: We are all just hanging on to the spinning globe. So remember the other person trying to get through the traffic on the way and let’s keep all our senses open and common. How about this: Motorists, please don’t hit people when they are crossing the street. Pedestrians, please don’t walk in front of moving vehicles thinking they will stop, because they might not.

Excerpt from “Secrets To Life Book” by Chris Emmanuel
Book available at Chris Emmanuel Art Gallery (Sunbreeze Hotel) and Pages Book Store

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