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Alex: A Little Reminder

“It’s never about what happens to you, but what you become through it.” – Emmanuel 

As we sat watching the whirling vortex called “Alex” on CNN approach Belize’s shoreline, I thought to myself how little we are compared to the vastness of the earth. We are so dependant to the very thing we often mistreat. The earth provides all the elements we need every day. The basic four: fire, water, air, earth, is the backbone of all life. We take for granted that they will always be there.

We think we are the bosses of nature, but we are not. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. The earth is king in our galaxy. We cannot survive without the land. Yet we forget this; we divide and fight over pieces of it, mistreat the mother, poke holes and make claim to her resources. Still we are surprised when it responds back as thought trying to shake off a virus called humanity.

Late on Saturday night as we huddled in the dark without power or water watching the candles flicker a new sense of respect for the land descended on us. As the winds raged outside, stirring up the water, beating the shoreline of San Pedro, many of my concerns seemed so trivial and insignificant compared to what mother earth experiences.

The earth is constantly changing and evolving, just as we are. Storms, tornados, floods, tsunamis, etc., are all part of the cycle of its evolution. Our lives mirror the earth at times, accidents, breakups, financial losses, stormy moods, periods of happiness, peace, war, prosperity, joy are all part of the constant evolution to become one with the elements we came from. Evolution and change seem to come often times with tragedy. For instance, a friend of mine who smoked constantly, started to cough up blood one day and stopped smoking instantly, or another whose recovery from cancer helped her start looking at the joy in her life daily.

So Sunday as I wrote this article, after Alex left our little country, I looked at this tropical storm as a little reminder for all of us to pay attention, to focus on what has true value in our lives. A gentle reminder of how fragile we are, and that we should be thankful for all we have now.

As high season draws to a close, Alex remind us that things could be a lot worse; it reminds us to appreciate and enjoy the now and stay in gratitude for all we have. All the objects we are attached to including ourselves can wash away in an instant.

Below are some little reminders to keep your life in perspective:
*Take Time to appreciate your life now
*Do a kind act everyday
*Forgive and love everyday
*Take a deep Breath especially when your emotions become overwhelming
• Spend time in nature
• Don’t sweat the small stuff
• Laugh as much as possible
• Treat yourself good daily

Excerpt from “Secrets To Life Book” by Chris Emmanuel
Book available at Chris Emmanuel Art Gallery (Sunbreeze Hotel) and Pages Book Store

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