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Waking Up

There are no conclusions, just constant continuation

Last week I wrote about remembering what has value. Thinking about it all we all fall asleep to our personal truth at times. This column is called secrets to life, but as I have said before, most of what I write is no secret instead it is an internal scrutiny of the world around us. Looking into ourselves we are able to see truth. The kingdom is within.

I believe we are born with all the knowledge we need for our lifetime, but as we leave our mother’s womb we forget and we spend most of our lives waking up. It is said, Most of us are truly afraid of how powerful we are.

Waking up to who you are is not easy in today’s world. There is so much distraction to keep us from finding our true nature. Everything seems to call our attention away. Most of us spend our lives chasing things, ideas, fantasies, whether it is for love, money, or power. We plod along from youth to adulthood and then old age. If we are lucky, along the way we ask the all important questions. What is it all about? What am I doing? Who am I really becoming?

We start to wake up to awareness beyond our physical to the spiritual enfoldment. Now you face yourself. You have the courage to admit when you are wrong just as well as when you are right. You come to understand that your body is not all of you. Your essence is pure spirit-the life force within you is beyond the turmoil of your mind and all your desires. You start to understand how your mind created every situation you found yourself in. If you sit down and take a trip through your life so far-Like taking a drive through different towns, you will find your life had events from which you made choices, good or bad, creating conclusions to get you where you are standing now.

As you look back reflecting on the passages that is your life path, you have a chance to become free, no longer needing to impress. You stop searching and accept who you are. The media, trends, new gadgets, etc. no longer hook your attention. Finally you are now choosing from your truth.

Below are ways to wake up to your personal truth:

1. Become aware of the assumptions you make about truth. Most of us bury our truth assumptions so deep in our subconscious that we don’t even realize that we are assuming. We accept things as the truth because people around us believe them or because we were “brought up that way.” That doesn’t mean those things are really true. They might be true, but it’s important for us to decide for ourselves.

2. Accept the fact that people will have different views on many subjects. Those different views aren’t necessarily right or wrong — they’re just different. Everyone is entitled to their own view, even if they don’t agree with you. Try to be open-minded and understand where the other views are coming from.

3. Don’t commit yourself prematurely to a particular point of view. It’s perfectly OK – even a good thing — for you to see and understand the different sides of an issue and to understand how different people can believe different things. Make sure you do your personal work before you accept any point of view.

Excerpt from “Secrets To Life Book” by Chris Emmanuel
Book available at Chris Emmanuel Art Gallery (Sunbreeze Hotel) and Pages Book Store

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