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Flowers Don't Talk

“Silence is the source of great strength” – Lao Tzu

There are beautiful flowers in Belize. Each one a unique variety, it’s hard to remember them all. Orchids are especially astounding some almost extraterrestrial looking show us the brilliance of nature’s simplicity. When you see these flowers you can only stare in amazement, as their silent beauty takes your breath away. That’s why flowers are a great way to show specialness without talking.

Flowers don’t talk; they just shine. Some individuals we meet remind us of these flowers-they are shining beauties. You will know them when you meet them. They leave an impression on you without saying a word. You are drawn to these individuals and you don’t know why. These people are very different. They seem to exude a silent power that you cannot explain. Some call it charisma-an unspoken energy that draws people and success to them. These individuals know the power of silence. They know how to listen and pay attention. They think before they speak.

It almost seems as though a glow surrounds them, like a happy pregnancy they are contented with life. What is it that they have, that some others lack? You can’t tell by looking at them; you just feel this power coming from them. They have a knowing and understanding of themselves that creates this confidence. Through knowing themselves they are able to help people and bring peace by just being in this silence. We can all become a silent flower that helps heal the planet. All it takes is awareness. Most of us are consumed by our ego’s need to be somebody; we spend our time seeking praise whether it is from our loved ones or people around us. This creates an imbalance and takes us out of our silent power. Later on in life when we really face who we are the illusions fall away. If you want to be accepted, accept yourself. If you want to get respect, learn to silently respect yourself.

Below are some ways to express silent strength.

Begin with a commitment to listen – be open minded and consider other points of view. Listen regardless of whether you agree or disagree with what’s said. Resist the urge to jump to conclusions; be defensive or be argumentative with the speaker.

Rather than constantly focusing on yourself. Pay attention to those around you by sensing their feelings before you speak. You do this by keeping the focus off of yourself so you can regulate your point of judgment better.

When someone asks you questions, it’s fine to tell them what they need to hear. But no one likes someone who constantly talks about himself and what he’s doing. Take action instead and allow people to see physical results.

Excerpt from “Secrets To Life Book” by Chris Emmanuel
Book available at Chris Emmanuel Art Gallery (Sunbreeze Hotel) and Pages Book Store

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