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Suspicion & Mistrust

“When mistrust comes in, loves goes out.”

Villagers gone mad? Reading this story in last week’s newspaper left a sickening feeling in my stomach. A community psychic who said the children Onelia and Benjamin Rash were fed to the crocodiles by American couple Vince & Cherie Rose, stirred up villagers who then burned the couple’s home and crocodile Sanctuary.

This is a very sad situation. When there is a crisis and we want answers, we have to hold on to our senses before we blame and judge. Despite what we believe we must always leave room for doubt until the physical proof appears. Good judgments are never made under the guise of anger or strong emotional charges. Our perceptions can become quite distorted when we are emotionally upset-Hence the term, “Mad.”

There are so many self-proclaimed individuals who claim to know truth. We live in a time of charlatans who are convinced they possess superior abilities. It does not stand to reason to take the law into your hands especially because of a psychic prediction. It is tragic in today’s modern world that people continue to fall victim to this kind of prophecy. In mass gatherings of mild hysteria, people’s mentality can be cleverly exploited. For instance; some of you might remember James Warren “Jim” Jones (May 13, 1931 – November 18, 1978) who was the founder and leader of the People’s Temple, which is best known for the November 18, 1978 death of more than 900 Temple members in Guyana.

We all live by making judgments. You judge everything from your viewpoint. When anger invades your thoughts all your judgments are colored by madness. Maybe several people might agree with you on the same thing. But that does not make it true. Agreements do not make moral truths. Life is filled with concepts that we call truths until someone comes along and challenges them. So we evolve. Many times these outdated views restrict our lives create suspicion and mistrust. When you accept others’ truth as valid you accept restrictions and create your own traps.

Each one of us need to challenge truth so we can know for ourselves rather that believe others, having a direct experience that reaches your inner guide is the only way to qualify what you are being told. All truth must be qualified individually so as not to impede our judgment leaving us all victims of suspicion and mistrust.

    Below are some ways to guide you from suspicion and mistrust:
  1. What truths have you accepted that is holding you back, or making your life more difficult than it needs to be?
  2. Be skeptical. Learn to listen between the lines. Don’t believe yourself or anybody else when you are colored by anger. Question everything you hear. Use the power of doubt. Is it really the truth? Always listen to the intention behind the words and you will understand the real message.
  3. Don’t dwell on thoughts you cannot conclude. Some things don’t have an answer. Accept what you don’t know for now.
  4. Give it up to the higher power. Ask your creator to alleviate your suffering because of suspicion and mistrust.

Excerpt from “Secrets To Life Book” by Chris Emmanuel
Book available at Chris Emmanuel Art Gallery (Sunbreeze Hotel) and Pages Book Store

– by Chris Emmanuel, Columnist

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