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Think Now!

“Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.”

Last week as we watched the sea boil up and the storm surge crash against the shore; we wondered how much rain is really going to show up here in San Pedro. Earlier on talking with some of the locals I could see how lost we really are to what nature is doing. CNN had us all hooked to the TV as we watched Tropical Storm Matthew. But do they really know what the great mother is doing?

They always show models of the last track of storms in the region attempting to predict what will occur; usually a new track is formed when the storm passes. I am thankful for them but I never take them too seriously. If there is a bad storm coming we just have to make a decision and take action.

But it seems we all preoccupy ourselves with imaginary problems. What if it turns into a category four or five storm…What if I don’t leave on time…Should I put up plywood…Do I have screws…What about the animals? My neighbor says it’s going to be bad… Will my money be safe in the bank… and on and on.

Thoughts like these can weaken our chance of hearing the inner voice that connects us to the source for making decisions that are right for us. Most of these thoughts are driven by fear taking us into the battle field of our mind and have no basis on reality. Real problems require real action. That is it. When we can focus in the moment and keep a clear head, all our actions flow naturally for what is right to our heart. Over thinking clutters the mind and takes us away from the moment.

As an artist/writer I know the power of imagination and the danger of not managing it. Logic and the present moment is the equivocator of what is. Whenever you hear doomsday stories and your mind wants to take you down simply ask yourself three small words. “Is It true?”

You can spend lots of energy playing out various harmful scenarios that do not exist. I depend on my gut whether to leave the island or stay. It’s always better to be safe than to worry. The storm looked really dangerous and the rains seemed heavy, but in the end it passed without doing much damage. Worry creates a lot of trouble in life, none of which ever happens.

    Below are some ways to live now and worry less:
  1. Time: this is the most precious commodity. You decide what you want to do every moment. Make your time valuable investing in people, places and things that give meaning to your life.
  2. Live now: Don’t wait for the right moment to live. Chose to experience your environment, enjoy the sky, and take in the fresh air after a rain storm. Try new things before time runs away from you.
  3. Make positive moments. Negative thoughts build fences and defenses. Positive thoughts attract positive people who are doing positive things.
  4. Hype can steal your peace of mind: Know when you are getting caught up in stress that is going nowhere. Stop and reflect on where your thoughts are going, who you are and what the value of your idea is.

Excerpt from “Secrets To Life Book” by Chris Emmanuel
Book available at Chris Emmanuel Art Gallery (Sunbreeze Hotel) and Pages Book Store

– by Chris Emmanuel, Columnist

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