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A Screwy Problem

It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.  ~Roy Disney

One of my ceiling fans stopped working. A quick trip to the hardware store placed a fan in box on my living room floor waiting to be installed. It all seems easy enough. Taking down the broken fan, I came upon a screw that wouldn’t loosen. After numerous consecutive tries I finally got some movement. I discovered a bolt attached to the screw that kept spinning not allowing me to loosen its’ hold.

One and a half hours later I finally removed the screw. Exhausted from my battle with this screw, I sat down and reflected on the cost of energy for a tiny screw. Talking to a young boy earlier this week he explained to how he wanted to go to be a doctor. He said he kept girls at a distance because he did not want to have a baby too soon. He wanted to ensure he had a chance at his dream. Also, he said he did not want to catch any sexually transmitted viruses. It was nice to hear that some young people are getting it. If they want to further their lives, it’s important to pay attention and practice safe sex.

I wonder how many dreams went by the way side because of a screwy problem. I do say though, many of us would not be here without this screwy problem. It sums up to taking responsibility for your actions. Many young couples today are choosing to wait before having children. The rising cost of living in Belize is rising and the young are choosing to better their chances for success by establishing their career, before taking on family matters.

Succeeding in life requires planning. This planning starts with a vision. At every stage of life it’s important to take time to set a destination for your journey. Once charted one needs focus to thrive. Unwavering persistence always yield results. Staying on your path results in having faith and excellent relationships-not only with others that support you, but most of all with yourself and your belief in higher power. Lastly and most important is love. You must love what you desire enough to create the fuel for success. This is the energy that creates the passion which generates staying power to conquer the challenges along the way.

Next time you come against a screwy problem- take a moment to reflect, stop, think, listen for inner guidance before it cost you more energy than it’s worth. Below are four simple ways to manage most problems & life:

Vision: Know what you want
Imagine: Create a destination
Focus: Take responsibility of your own personal growth and success.
Promote: Cultivate your relationships. 
Passion: Have great love for your desire.

By Chris Emmanuel

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