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Be Kind to La Isla Bonita

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.  ~Native American Proverb
Most morning as I walk down the beach I see an elderly man walking along the opposite way to where I am going. He has a stick and he is constantly prodding things at the water’s edge. Every once in a while he will bend over and pick up a soda or beer bottle and places in his knapsack. Often times I see different people collecting bottles along the shore; at this time of year I know it’s mostly for financial reasons. But it always reminds me that these people are also helping keep San Pedro’s beaches clean at the same time.

Being kind to our environment is pinnacle to having a healthy thriving island to continually live on and prepare for future generations. It also keeps the visitors coming back as they see that we take care of the island.

We are born & fed from the earth, and the earth is the mother of us all. When we lose our connection to the earth we are bound to fail as a people. Proper disposal of plastics, bottles and any litter that does not biodegrade not only protects the ground we walk on but also protects the water and all its inhabitants. An act of kindness like picking up after yourself keeps the island pure and preserves the beauty of the island.
I remember in Grenada as a little boy when there weren’t much plastics and commercially packages products. We went to the butcher for meat, the farms for fruits, vegetables and eggs. We used old newspaper, paper bags and burlap sacks to carry everything. When plastics and Styrofoam started to appear on the island my father explained to us why it’s important not to pollute the land with these non biodegradable products.

As we burned our garbage he showed us how the different fumes of these products look as they go up in smoke and what it meant to the ozone layer. Knowing this, we all became conscious as to where we placed our garbage. It’s a simple thing to take care of, once you know the benefits of placing waste in the appropriate place.

Every act of kindness to the earth brings us closer to having the proper care for the planet. As you go about your week remember to be kind to the earth by putting trash in its proper place.
Kindness to the earth generates positive vibrations to inspire compassion in the world. A little kindness goes a long way. Simply putting trash in the right place is being kind to the earth.

By Chris Emmanuel

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