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Unique Expressions of Beauty

 “You are the offspring of the radiant beloved.”
There was a man who lived a miserable life in which he complained about the lot he was given in life who died and went to heaven.

He went before God to plan his reincarnation. He asked God to spare him a troubled life on his return to Earth. God said to him sure and he ushered him into the planning room.

In the room were crosses all different sizes. Some were large ones and some were medium size and some were tiny. God looked at the man and said to him, “choose your cross to bear on your return to earth”. The man looked thoughtful and scanned the room. He searched the entire room and found a tiny cross no bigger than a thumb in the corner, pointing to it he said to God.

“That’s the one I want.” God turned to him and said, “that is the same one you had the last time on earth.”
 Moral of the story, always be grateful for what life gives you because it can always get worse.
Today it’s easy to get caught up in what is lacking in your life. What others have can seem to be so much better than what you have. But truth is unless you walk in someone else’s shoes you never know what they really have to bear. And as you focus on others you fail to see the unique beauty of your own life.

Here in San Pedro we can witness the sunrise and sunset every day, and everyday it is different. Each appearance of the sun is unique. The source made everything in the universe unique onto itself. A flower never declares to a blade of grass growing beside it. “You are doing it wrong; you should have nice yellow petals sprouting at your side like me, instead of that one straight green blade”.

Understanding how each of us is unique is an essential part of accepting who we are and why humanity exists. This time of year take some time to celebrate the unique beauty that surrounds you as you witness your family and the environment. You are a unique expression of God. He has given you a special body to use while you are here on earth.

Everything you are is particular to you. God has blessed everything in his kingdom with uniqueness. Every flower, every leaf is different to each other. Though they may appear the same, on close examination we can see the uniqueness of their design. By accepting our uniqueness we celebrate what god gives us in our own special way.
This Christmas why don’t you develop an attitude of Gratitude for who you are right now. Forget what you see as faults and know that “his grace is sufficient for thee.” You are perfect in god’s eyes. God accepts you as a unique expression of his love.

By Chris Emmanuel

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