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Recipe for Sticky New Year Resolutions

 “A resolution is a habit waiting to be made.”
It’s the beginning if a New Year and we all start thinking about what we can leave behind and what we can bring in new. New Year’s resolutions are a big deal for many people around the world and we hope to make these lists into real accomplishment. Most people are still working on last year’s list and generally laugh at the idea of new resolutions.
But I think this time of year is a perfect time to make change mainly because your friends join in and challenge you to really do what you say. To help you make your friends eat their words in the coming months I offer this list of ways to make your New Year’s resolutions real.
1) Simplicity. Simplify your list; make it easy by focusing on 1 or 2 goals for the year. You can always add more if you accomplish the first few.
2) Make it present and possible. The now is all there really is, so forget about the past goals and make a new present tense possibility. Be realistic about your goals. Don’t set the bar too high. Break it up into stages that are possible.
3) Write it down. Write them on a card that you keep in your wallet or purse. This makes your idea more concrete, it is a strong pathway to making it a reality. Even if you don’t make an action plan it creates commitment by writing it down.
4) Create Constant Reminders. Make your resolutions a screen saver, post it in a conspicuous place, add it to your email password; find unique ways to always have it in front of you.
5) Turn it into a habit. If you can, turn your goal into a habit. Habits are easy to stick to because you can incorporate them into you daily life and chip away at them. Like planning to get fit by walking 1 mile a day.
6) Tell your friends. Especially the ones you know will hold you to it. You can go as far as posting in Facebook so all your friends can see. Going public forces you to make a strong commitment and follow through.

By Chris Emmanuel

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