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Eyes of the Heart

By Christopher Emmanuel

“When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world.”– Eckhart Tolle

Do you know what you really looking for? Have you made time to see with your heart? Your heart has eyes and it can show you what you are searching for. Looking with your heart is the only true way to see the vision of your life. The wisdom of your soul comes through your heart and it sees beyond the clutter of the mind. Many times our thoughts are convoluted with the world ideals and can obscure the vision of the heart.  We can become lost in the concepts of the world and lose sight of what our heart is trying to show us. Seeing from the heart requires knowing yourself. Knowing self requires stillness to go within.

In today’s complex world emotions and desires can blind the heart. One can spend years lost in a concept, pursuing a goal that is contradictory to what satisfies your heart. Opening the eyes of your heart brings you to a clear vision for your life. Many people feel they have no time to slow down and look. They feel they only have time to do. We all have to do, but doing needs a focus. A journey without a destination is a lost cause. There is so much in life that matters, but only one thing really matters absolutely. It is to know the essence you are beyond this short life of a personal identity. Peace is found in stillness as you remember that you are spirit in form. No matter what happens and what problems you have, this essence that is you will continue.

Below are a few simple ways to open the eyes of your heart:
1. Find time to be still: Carve out time in your day for reflection. Ask yourself if what you are doing in leading towards your goal.
2. Intend for good: set your intention on a goal that is good for all. The divine source manifests your desires faster when it is a win/win situation.
3. Focus on the moment: Live one moment, one day at a time. Known that all goals lead to creating another goal, why not focus on the steps every day.
4. Become aware of your expansion: Realize, no matter what your problem the world will continue. Some problems require you to grow beyond them than, to try continually to fix them.
5. Join with nature: Birds, plants, rocks and animals are just being, they are not identifying with separation from nature. Remember this when life challenges you, your real nature is just being.

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