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Unlimited Prosperity

“Real wealth is measured not by what you have, not by where you are, but by the spirit that lives within you.”
I watched birds bathing in a pool once. The mother bird jumped in first and splashed, flicking her feathers, chirping, she encouraged the smaller chick to jump in and do the same. These birds were bathing in a pool filled with treated water. They knew nothing about being a part of the condo units surrounding the pool. They didn’t ask for rights to use the pool. To them it was what they did in water. They see no division on where to swim and where not to. Nature to them is abundant. If you chase them away they would just come back later, or find another body of water. They roam the earth without division knowing there is plenty for all.

Do you have limiting beliefs about prosperity? We all grew up with ideas about money and wealth. The following are a few: You cannot live without debt. Rich people are crooks. There is never enough money. Poor people are good. Never a lender borrower be. Money comes from hard work. Money doesn’t grow on trees. How many more can you think of? Limiting beliefs stay with us unless we make a conscious effort to release them. If you want to prosper your beliefs could block your progress.

Prosperity begins with believing your deserve. If you believe in a Divine force that governs existence and provides for all, then prosperity is your God given right, just like the birds. If you don’t feel deserving then when fortunes drop into your lap you will lose it. We all know people who made lots and lost it faster. Prosperity to me is never how much money but an attitude of abundance. This state of mind draws to you good fortune continually. To me money is not a purpose, but the RESULT of a good purpose.

Look at a tree, leaves grow, fade, fall and then more leaves grow again. It lives in the flow of prosperity.
Below are some ways to live in the flow of prosperity:

Deserving: Can you say to yourself? “ I deserve good in my life and mean it!” Practice saying this daily and see what happens.

Recognize prosperity: whenever you find yourself sliding into, “there isn’t enough” start taking note of all the great things in your life.

Rejoice in others fortune: what you wish on others you bring unto yourself. Believe there is more than enough to go around and focus on generating the best out of yourself and others.

Visualize what you want: This is a great way to create your abundance. Key points make sure you see yourself successful and happy with what you are asking for.

Gratitude: They are many ways to focus on abundance, but what I have learned is the best way, is gratitude. Being Grateful generates the energy that connects to the Great Order Divine drawing countless expressions of prosperity into your live continually.

By Christopher Emmanuel

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