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 “Jealousy is a supreme self-centered act.”
There she is, walking to her new golf cart. She is always smiling and all the boys look her way, she’s popular everywhere she goes. You just can’t stand her. Why? You don’t know. Something is the pit of your stomach tightens when you see her; you feel the burn of anger filling your chest. Could it be you are jealous?

Jealousy is a major reason for uncalled hatred. Not handled well it can have a negative impact on your life. First you need to admit you are jealous. Then you need to know why. If you find yourself upset because of others good fortune, then you are most likely jealous. Ask yourself why you can’t be happy for others success.

Next you need to check your self esteem. Often jealousy stems from feeling less than the other person. Do you feel deserving? You really need to focus on the good in your life. Don’t assume people are better off than you. Keep your thoughts from making up stories that are not true. Just because other peoples’ lives seem to be perfect doesn’t make it so. Unless you can walk in someone else’s shoes, you never know what’s really going on.

Furthermore, if you are jealous of your significant others relationship with friends and family, ask yourself what you are missing in yours and question your partner before you assume false ideas that can cause problems at home. Get the facts before you point fingers.

Even better, don’t compare yourself to others. This is a waste of good time. Focus on what you have in your life instead. There is a season for everything. Remember to celebrate others good fortune. Know that the abundance source is constantly providing for all in good time. When you celebrate your neighbors’ good fortune you celebrate the coming of yours.

Talk to someone about it. If you are experiencing prolonged feeling of envy, find someone you trust and talk to them about it. Or take time to write out your emotions and release these harmful emotions.

Finally, most jealousy comes from the feeling of unworthiness. Most of us have been raised to feel less if we don’t have the “stuff OR recognition” Realize the stuff and popularity-Material things don’t guarantee happiness. But how you feel about what you got that generate the feeling of happiness. Most often not getting what you think you want keeps disaster from happening.

Here are some points to manage jealousy:
1. Identify why you are jealous
2. Check your self esteem
3. Don’t make assumptions
4. Celebrate the good in your life
5. Talk to someone you can trust
6. Don’t compare; Be realistic there is always more to the story

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