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Anger In Paradise

By Christopher Emmanuel

 “When anger rises think about the consequences”

A friend of mine moved back to the United States from San Pedro Pissed off!! He said to me before he left, “if I don’t leave I will kill somebody!” He was angry in paradise. Apparently he had invested his life savings in a deal gone bad. How many people do you know who lost money and are upset? Not knowing where to turn to, running out of options, they leave their dreams behind fearing unsavory outcomes.

Anger will steal your joy in paradise. Life is filled with paradoxes, and happiness has its polar opposite that need to be managed. Managing anger is imperative to stay in an inner place where paradise truly is. If you find yourself hating the people and the place you once loved, it’s time to take a look at how you are managing your negative emotions.

Emotions are part of the human condition, no matter where you go you take them with you. The outer world shines from an inner perspective. If you want to stay happy in paradise it’s important to maintain your inner landscape. First you need to take responsibility for your part in any deal that goes wrong. Many people go into situations without looking at the fine print, they are so busy looking at what they can get out of the deal, and they fail to see the pitfalls. There is a risk to all deals, know the risk and plan to afford failure before you step in-in other words have a backup plan so you don’t come up empty.

Money matters can bring out the strongest emotions in people-just listen to two people going through divorce. Anger can turn lovers into bitter enemies. Realize no matter what happens if you are still alive it’s not the end of the world and there is still hope to recover.  If you can’t see a way, believe there is a way and talk to a trusted friend. Start to review your options in a calm logical manner.

Don’t talk to all your friends about your issue. This most often fuels your anger and confuses your resolves. Be selective, find someone you trust and talk to them about it. Or take time to write out your emotions and release your anger.

Finally, Identify the emotion behind your anger such as; feeling taken advantage of; feeling stupid; feeling disrespected; etc., knowing this can help you see the deeper core issue as to why you got in the mess in the first place. Reviewing this could lead to solving a pattern that you might be repeating in your life.

Here are some points to manage anger:
1. Take responsibility for your part
2. Believe in a way to get through your emotions
3. Talk to someone you trust-be selective
4. Review your options
5. Write out your emotions
6. Identify the emotions behind your anger
7. If you can, get professional help before your lose it

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