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What’s your Story?

By Christopher Emmanuel
“Stories are much more fun than the truth”
One of the nicest things when you live in Belize is that you get to meet people from all over the world. Listening to their stories is always interesting. Everyone has a story to tell. Looking up the meaning of “story” in the dictionary you get this definition:  An account or recital of an event or a series of events, either true or fictitious, A narration or recital of that which has occurred; a description of past events; a history; a statement; a record.

Why is it when we listen to someone telling us about themselves and or an event we always think to ourselves, “I wonder if this is true?”  Even though the truth really sets you free, most people are not free from themselves and their concerns to tell the truth. It seems we are always looking for approval to some degree. That’s why we need to really remember that we are not what people say we are. Sadly many people believe the thoughts they have about others. We all need a framework to feel safe in.

Another thing about a story is that it is always in the past, something that happened. Many people are living a story from the past in the present. Most often these tales are causing them to suffer. I often wonder why anyone would want to hold onto anything that makes them unhappy. All stories are events from the past and unless you are having fun sharing them, they are not who you are now. For me the best part about listening to others stories is no matter how bad you think yours is, there is always a story to top yours.

Through time and listening we learn: perfection isn’t something to be attained, it’s the striving that counts, knowledge is not necessarily wisdom and experience isn’t always a kind teacher; passion can be a poison that can become your detriment; what we love in the world can destroy our values and leave us without a moral compass.

Below is a simple way to move from your past:

Nobody is rich enough to buy back the past. You did the best you can at the time and now you are who you are because of all those mistakes you made. Forgive yourself and others.  Live now and know that all are experiences to get you ready for what you don’t know is coming ahead.

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