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By Christopher Emmanuel
“Simplicity needs complication to be qualified”
There was a bird’s nest in a tree next to my balcony. For a while I woke every morning to the sounds of the baby chicks chirping. A few weeks went by and then, voila, the tiny birds were flying out the tree. It all seems so simple. Do birds think about flying? I don’t think so, they just fly or don’t.

Nature seems so simple. Trees drop their seeds and become other trees without effort. Our human life is far more complicated. I hear many people say, “I just want a simple life.” Many plan for a simple life coming to live in Belize.

Unfortunately simplicity is not that easy to hold on to it seems. Every now and then I want a more simple life. Like everyone I tend to collect stuff. Feeling overwhelmed I start getting frustrated when I can’t find things, then I know it’s time to purge.

Overtime I have learned the best way to know your life is getting complex again is when you find you have too much stuff. Keeping simple means less clutter all around and to do that, you have to stay on top of it all the time.

Below are some simple ways to keep simplicity in your life:
Clear clutter: I can’t write with clutter, I found I think better when I have a clean desk. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with thoughts I make it a habit to tidy up.

Make a list: Writing down a simple “To Do List” works great, but the key is to keep it simple-put maximum of three things you need to do today. You will feel a greater sense of satisfaction once you get it done and you can feel good about goofing off the rest of the day.

Do nothing; It seems simple, but, no TV, no reading, just stay home and veg – Get someone to take care of the kids and be by yourself. Maybe you might fall asleep and that’s a good thing.

Practice Gratitude: When you are grateful it stops your mind from thinking about doing or getting more. Just start being happy with what you’ve got.

Just say “NO” to things you don’t need and taking on more than you can handle. You can do and give someone everything, but you can’t make them feel happy. Choose to be happy and at peace with yourself.

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