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Money Happy

By Christopher Emmanuel
“Money isn’t a real purpose, it’s the result of a purpose aligned with good intentions”-Emmanuel
“Thank you,” readers, whoever you are out there, for continuing to share this journey of wisdom. Years ago when Dorian from Ambergris Today asked me to write this column, I had no idea how it would be received. Now five plus years later we continue to share experiences that enriching our lives.

Feel free to post any subjects you would like to know more about. We are all teaching each other. As I said before these thoughts are expressed to you for your discretion. Within you is the secret center waiting to be activated. Wisdom of the ages is dormant in all of us-like seeds waiting to be nourished by the right light of wisdom and water of knowledge. There is more gold to harvest within people that can come out of the ground.
While ignorance might be bliss, knowledge can lead to happiness and consciousness. As the tourist season slows in San Pedro many people are concerned about money and their happiness. I remember reading somewhere, “Money can’t buy happiness.” I think this is true to some extent.

It seems people can find happiness in poverty as well as abundance. In fact in some cases Money can become a hindrance because it raises the bar of expectations. Money certainly can make life easier; money buys time; it creates power in relationships and helps sustain the economy in our world; it creates a ground for hopes and desires. But money alone can’t buy happiness. Why? Because happiness is a choice we make in every given situation. I am sure you know people that no matter what you give them they can’t be happy. In contrast are people who are constantly optimistic no matter what. Money can help boost your happiness and give you time to search for higher ideals like, service and spirituality.

Money has a different value to different people. It gives freedom of choice when it comes to spending. Money aligned with a great purpose contributes to the richness of our world. It seems when money or health is a problem, you think of nothing else, when it’s not a problem, you don’t think much about it.

So as our Tourist season winds down, it’s good to remember that we have a choice when it comes to being Money happy, that is to just decide to be happy with money or no money. And before you know it your happiness will generate abundance where you least expect.

Below are a few tips to stay Happy with or without money:
1. Do what you believe in. Find your passion and live it.
2. Stay around happy optimistic people when money is tight. Associate with winners.
3. Find creative ways that doesn’t cost lots to entertain yourself.
4. Expand your time doing simple things that keep you and your family active and happy.
5. Play with your pet and enjoy the beach.

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