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Polish Up Your Dreams

By Christopher Emmanuel

Are your dreams like old clothes in a closet; they just don’t fit anymore?

Anything worth having starts out as a dream, an idea, goal or ambition. Every great accomplishment first began as a dream in someone’s mind. But all dreams are worthless unless you decide to do something about it. This is the moment of truth when you decide to invest your time, money, ability, energy and reputation and let go of security.

Some people let their dreams hang in the back of their lives like clothes in a closet. The dust collects on them; they fade and get holes in them. They talk about it nostalgically once in a while. They never do anything about it and it just fades away as time passes.
Most dreams have a time line and they can become stale as we grow into the reality of our lives. Kids, health, location and time are some of the many things that affect our dreams. Remember you and you alone have the ability to make your dreams a reality. You have the power to recreate your life. This brings enormous power to you to review your dreams and see if they still work for you.

As change happen in life, our priorities are in constant motions too. Activities that used to give you a thrill might have moved off your list of things to do. Maybe it’s time you bring some new ones into your life.

Rather than wandering through life aimlessly and telling stories of how “You used to want to blah, blah, blah…..” Take a new stand and polish up the dream closet in your mind. Make a plan to light the fire on and old dream and build a new one out of the ashes.
Below are some ideas to bring your dream back to life:

Reevaluate – Take a look at your master plans and see if it conflicts with the life you need to live now. Goals you set five years ago may not be realistic today because of changes in your life. For instance; if your dream is to travel and see the world and you now have children, you will have to plan a little differently to create that dream.

Clean up – Toss out ideas that just don’t fit anymore. Start with a clean slate and reassess what is important to you now. As we get older we become less dependant on being part of a professional social circle, or fitting in with the crowd. Many times we grow past our dreams before we get there.

Focus – Make a list of all your dreams and focus on the projects that really get your juices flowing. A new home-the dream vacation- that new career. Cross off the items on your list as you get them done and keep the flow going.

Commit – Dedicate your life to achieving your goals by making a commitment to do everything reasonable to make them happen. It takes persistence to lift your head high at those people who tell you; you can’t.

Deliver – Action is the best therapy to shorten the path to your goals. Dreams mean nothing unless you embrace the work towards them. That’s why it is best to have a dream you feel passionate about. The stronger you feel about your desire the more power you have to make the world deliver your dreams to your doorsteps.

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