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Know Thyself

By Christopher Emmanuel
The most important thing is to be whatever you are without shame
– Rod Seiger

San Pedro has become my home and to me, it is like paradise. But I know that the real home and paradise is inside of me. We are all spirit living inside form.

You are not your culture, your name, occupation, religion or your body. Nothing physically on this plane of existence can constitute who you are. To know yourself as truly unlimited is the beginning to unravel your life and make effective changes to find peace. Who you are is more than your physical body, your feelings, brainpower, or your ability to create. Though all of these are a part of you they are not you. To find YOU is to know yourself within you, to know deep within without doing.

You are an essential element of the universe. Like all in existence you are a part of a whole that contains what constitutes the cosmic consciousness. This deep inner essence is called by many names such as God, Jehovah, Buddha, Enlightenment, Nature and Spirit to name a few and when it awakens in all of us, we unite in a greater understanding of our unlimited potential.

Your physical body houses this essential element. Your form is what provides the physical tools to live on this earth. This body is necessary for the experiences and union with other forms of life on this planet. You are here to share in the evolution and discovery of a greater self. When you come to understand this, all your physical limitations can be seen as outside you. For inside you has no boundary. To know you is to know the unlimited.

Your body is your home. This body that carries yourself is who you are temporary on earth. So it is important to know as much as you can about you. Knowing who you are is the best place to start to know all about the world you live in. The world is a reflection of your point of view, so it is imperative that you know where you are looking. Getting to know yourself is an exciting adventure that opens you to unlimited power to design your destiny.

Below are some key points to get to know you better:

List your likes and dislikes- Make a list of the qualities in your character you like and those you are not fond of. Do the same for your friends and family. When you take note of the above you will see the beliefs you have that help you and what hold you back from what you desire.

Investigate your family- Many answers to how you think and behave are often buried in your tribal heritage. The more information you can get about your immediate relatives can help you see the roadblocks that affect your mental concepts.

Get to know your fears- understand what you are afraid of in the personalities and qualities in others. Ask yourself what it means if you possess them. Knowing this can bring you to see what you consider is successful living.

Get to know your body and the foods that nourish it- Don’t eat or drink items that contradict your bodies’ natural process.

Recognize your physical weakness- we all have weakness in our bodies, from headaches and upset stomachs to stiff joints. The more you are aware of these areas, the less likely it could develop in to a harmful disease.

Consider your stress buttons- When you know what emotions lead to actions that set you off, you can focus on reprogramming your reaction to come to harmony within the situations you cannot control. What is stressful for one person is not for another. How you think about a situation can be the difference between feeling agitated or peaceful. Most often stress is related to fear in one form or another. For instance: stressful worrying occurs when you are afraid of the outcome of events. You are late for work and the traffic is bad. You have a nine o’ clock meeting and your internal headspace says, you are going to be late. But this is all an illusion. For one, the meeting could be held up for many other reasons that you can or cannot imagine. Secondly, most people will accept your apology because they have experienced traffic themselves and know delays can happen. Keeping your mind from drawing harmful conclusions is one way to manage stress buttons.

Cultivate you intuition- listen to the inner voice that comes to you in those moments where it speaks beyond logic and reason. The more you can turn your mind off and listen, the more you will find a wealth of guidance and knowledge that comes from the unlimited source.

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