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Coming Home

There is always something to be rescued when you live close to nature. Coming home from a trip abroad, I found a big cockroach in the center of my living room floor. Upside down, kicking, attempting to get right side up. In the past, I would have just squished this misunderstood crawler. But now filled with respect for life, I pause to watch my thoughts.

Is he no less than the dragonfly, or birds I rescue that are sometimes trapped in my studio? It is so easy to kill certain creatures, especially ones we don’t understand. Deep down I know it has a purpose like all existence.

I soften my thoughts and scoop him up on a bus card. Gently I place him outside my screen door on the porch. I apologies’ saying, “You must go find you another home.”  Things might be different if I see many of them. They don’t pay rent, they just roach around.

Some say it’s hard to kill. Others say it’s harder not to. In Grenada, where I was born, my mother always said,” thank you for the life,” before, “Tina, the Chicken I knew around the yard,” was served for dinner.
Respecting life means thinking before condemning.

Today as you brush against nature recognize that you can make a choice to do the best you can to affect others in a Positive way.
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