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Love Like Water -By Chris Emmanuel

By Christopher Emmanuel

Highest good is like water. Because water excels in benefiting the myriad (world) creatures without contending with them and settles where none would like to be, it comes close to the way.
– VIII-Tao Te Ching

Sometimes I don’t like love, nature, source, God, what that means to you. It’s like a friend or family member who gets under your skin. You know, that boss you just have to put up with-who knows everything!  You say, “Lord give me strength,” every time he/she talks.

Like rainy days when you planned a sunshine event. Or your kid’s bad behaviors just before you leave the house and YOU have to drive them somewhere.  Finally you get underway and to school, you threaten to leave them saying,” I’m not coming back. “Get out!” Slam!! The car door. They smile at you as you drive off. They know you are lying, and then you curse them and laugh till you cry.

Sometimes it’s hard to like love. But real love has to be stronger than like. It has to withstand, quick emotions, raging outburst, outlast stormy dark thoughts to rise to the truth of what is. Real love is cultivated through time into a place that accepts another as they are.
Eventually unconditionally all that is, this is to love what is.

Like water, real love can wash the dirty parts of any body. Making them clean. And water won’t argue how you use it. Who can love like water?

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