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Think Twice Before you Act

We are very fortunate to live in a nation that enables us to freedom of expression. However, many times we are not wise enough when we exercise our rights. A message can be sent across but the way we do impacts the way the receiver reacts. They will either appreciate it or they will withdraw and get angry.

Many times we want to speak out our minds because we want the world to see things through our eyes. But we fail to understand that not all the time people will perceive things the way we do. Although we might think we are right it is important for us to respect the thoughts others have. Whenever we are in a position where we think that our opinion is needed we should ask ourselves: “Will this be constructive to the other?”; “Am I speaking out of love or anger?” and “Would I like others to share their thought of the given matter?”

As a mission in life our main focus should be to build each other rather than break someone to be at the top. Any time we feel that we should say or do something, let’s reflects on how our actions will be of an advantage to that specific person and the people around. We should not be destructive and always try to improve on our actions. Yes, we fail so many times but that does not mean we should give up. Try again, and do it better. Heard a rumor and it bothers you? Do not add to it, or go to another source to confirm. Just let it die there; don’t be a carrier of disaster.  

Personally, I have been in situations where a certain emotion or situation taunts me to blurt out my thought. And indeed many times I have said things, which I mostly then regret but cannot take back. Growing up, I was a very playful child and I remember one time I was in preschool with my cousin one year my senior and other toddlers. One of the girls liked him and went straight to bite him on his arm. I got very angry and decided to take vengeance on my own hands and bit her so hard she started screaming. Of course, I got grounded and she got away with it. Truth is, as a child I did not know better than to react. But thinking about it, I might have taken that action for love, but what won was anger. I could have told a teacher or found another solution. But of course I learnt the hard way.

Karma! I have heard it too many times. In this life we usually like to play the hero and seldom see our flaws or accept our failures. But what happens when we do, and do not like when they do back unto us. We quickly get angry and try justifying our acts. Every time we are enticed to say or do something stop, then think to analyze before you react. You will realize that in life there are times we just need to withhold on a bit of self control.

All actions we take must be carefully calculated. Sometimes it’s hard to understand my own self, but as I go along the way I try as much as I can to be that better person for me, for my family and for my friends. I work in being that person I want others to be with me, because frankly many times we like doing but we do not want others to do the same to us.

Our Father Almighty says, “Talk no more so exceeding proudly. Don’t let arrogance come out of your mouth, for Yahweh is a God of knowledge. By him actions are weighed.”

Secrets to Life – About Seleni Perez
God i
s our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1) is one of my favorite verse in the bible. On a walk down the beach, you can see how the footprints you leave behind can be washed out by the waves, wiping off all the progress you make, and when you try making a change the antics of the ocean take it up against you.
Secrets to Life by Seleni Reyes, Sow to Reap
Throughout our lifetime we encounter ourselves in grave situations where we feel as if the world is falling apart, things don’t seem to get better and no one understands us. As a matter of fact, we all have a day of blue when things don’t seem to get anything better and nothing you do seems right. You’re not alone!

I grew up on the island of San Pedro six miles north. Not having neighbors or friends my age to play with for the most part of my childhood made me a very intrinsic person. Curious of life, with a strong desire to build my own path, and a wild imagination, I ventured in the world my hands created with pen on paper.

At the age of fifteen, I got an amazing opportunity in the field of broadcasting, which up to this day is a passion for me. People find it odd when they meet me in person for my very shy and introvert personality. I may find it hard to have a small talk, but I’m not short of words when my desires to express myself ponder in my mind as a form of art like morning bliss.
When I was in my senior year of high school, I was sure I wanted to get in the field of journalism or psychology, or maybe both. However, destiny had it different for me. I got my degrees in the business field. Though, this was not planned I managed to love every bit of the way, meeting amazing people along the way, which made me discover the beauty of diversity. I understood that not all of us had the same beliefs, thoughts or opinions; though there was something that would always transcend about each and every person – humanity.
Two years ago, I was blessed to be requested to partake as a leader at my church’s youth ministry where I have been an active as vice president. Around that same time, I began my career as a teacher at the San Pedro Adult School and later that year I also joined the San Pedro High School. To be frank, I had my doubt at the beginning, but I knew God had a purpose for this, and He sure did. Working with young people at my local church and at school has rekindled that my zeal for writing, in which has driven me to use my gift to help other people find the secrets to life using the bible. One thing I can ascertain is that I want to leave a print in everything I do to be a blessing in others lives the way I have been blessed by God.

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