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Silence is Wisdom

Have you ever said something you wish you could take back, but it was too late by the time you thought of it? As I talk to many youths and people both young and old, I am amazed how they choose to express themselves in ways that can be hurtful to others. Countless of times we have had the urge to express our point of view or say how we feel, but we do so without considering possible consequences. We do not think before we act, or in this case talk!

The bible says in James 3:5   “So the tongue is also a little member, and boasts great things. See how a small fire can spread to a large forest!” Our words mixed with emotions can break a person, damage a good relationship or poison the mind.
Time and again you might find yourself driving down town, and maybe you are in a hurry but the person ahead of you is taking his time, you might be tempted to tell them off but have you ever stopped at think, what if they are already not having a good day, or moreover what if it was you? Would you like someone to burst out obscenity on you? We have the choice of words and should always think before we speak. Let us not allow anger control the strength of our words!

People always walk in and out of our lives; some come into our lives as a blessing, but others come to teach us a valid life lesson. Then there are certain people that are always taunted to make comments that may hurt us – unnecessary comments. Have you ever had a conversation with someone, and when that person leaves you feeling emotionally drained? These people only share about the negatives of others, and always have something to rattle about and at the end you always wonder if this person will say something behind your back. Or are we that kind of person that spurts negativity every time we speak?

Besides the choice of words, repeating things that are of great degree bad about another person is also something that we should learn to control. Did you hear something about your neighbor? Okay! If you tell someone else will it change it or make you a better person? Or will this be of healthy for the other person? We should discern and know when something is genuinely good to share and when something is unnecessary.

Have you ever heard someone say – do something good no one will acknowledge you, do something bad they will forget any other good you have done. The best thing to do is if you hear something of someone, cut it off right there because it is highly possible that the person that is telling you this is more toxic than the person he/she is talking about.

Let’s spread love. We want a change, let it start with you. Be the best person you can ever be! Work into making someone’s day, or have people smiling. Allow yourself to be that person everyone is looking forward to see and talk to. James 3:4 says “Behold, the ships also, though they are so big and are driven by fierce winds, are yet guided by a very small rudder, wherever the pilot desires.” Our body is the vessel, our tongue the pilot, so let it drive you to a marvelous path that will help build a better world. Silence is wisdom!

Secrets to Life – About Seleni Perez
God i
s our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1) is one of my favorite verse in the bible. On a walk down the beach, you can see how the footprints you leave behind can be washed out by the waves, wiping off all the progress you make, and when you try making a change the antics of the ocean take it up against you.
Secrets to Life by Seleni Reyes, Sow to Reap
Throughout our lifetime we encounter ourselves in grave situations where we feel as if the world is falling apart, things don’t seem to get better and no one understands us. As a matter of fact, we all have a day of blue when things don’t seem to get anything better and nothing you do seems right. You’re not alone!

I grew up on the island of San Pedro six miles north. Not having neighbors or friends my age to play with for the most part of my childhood made me a very intrinsic person. Curious of life, with a strong desire to build my own path, and a wild imagination, I ventured in the world my hands created with pen on paper.

At the age of fifteen, I got an amazing opportunity in the field of broadcasting, which up to this day is a passion for me. People find it odd when they meet me in person for my very shy and introvert personality. I may find it hard to have a small talk, but I’m not short of words when my desires to express myself ponder in my mind as a form of art like morning bliss.
When I was in my senior year of high school, I was sure I wanted to get in the field of journalism or psychology, or maybe both. However, destiny had it different for me. I got my degrees in the business field. Though, this was not planned I managed to love every bit of the way, meeting amazing people along the way, which made me discover the beauty of diversity. I understood that not all of us had the same beliefs, thoughts or opinions; though there was something that would always transcend about each and every person – humanity.
Two years ago, I was blessed to be requested to partake as a leader at my church’s youth ministry where I have been an active as vice president. Around that same time, I began my career as a teacher at the San Pedro Adult School and later that year I also joined the San Pedro High School. To be frank, I had my doubt at the beginning, but I knew God had a purpose for this, and He sure did. Working with young people at my local church and at school has rekindled that my zeal for writing, in which has driven me to use my gift to help other people find the secrets to life using the bible. One thing I can ascertain is that I want to leave a print in everything I do to be a blessing in others lives the way I have been blessed by God.

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