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Forgiveness is a Word Easy to Say, but Hard to Apply

– by Seleni Perez – Forgiveness is a word so easy to say, but applies much strength and courage to do. It’s forgetting the past and promising not to hold resentment. It’s letting go of the pain and seeing new horizons without a reason to look back! It’s setting your heart, mind and soul free from sorrow, and seeking a new beginning. But how to do this when we can not find peace within?

At some point in life we have all been hurt either from someone close to us, which we esteem highly, or people who just pass by our lives. In both ways it’s very painful, but then it is quite unbearable when it comes from someone you didn’t expect. Then we think of all the things we did wrong; all the things we could have changed and question ourselves why? Why did we allow such betrayal?

Firstly, we must understand that we are priceless. No one’s treatment or humiliation can put a price tag on us. Things happen, and either it be good or bad, we can always learn and grow from it. Those are the life lessons that helps us develop into a beautiful being. At any instance, forgiveness benefits us more than it is to the person who caused the pain. It’s like doing ourselves a favor of freeing us from grudges and sleepless nights.

Words are another thing that can cause irreversible effects. In a previous article I had mentioned words implant an effect that can penetrate a person for life to either have the person hurt for life, or be grateful for such words of encouragement. However, there are many people who are short of encouraging words, and all they say can bring you down and stamper you to the floor. However, let go of that too. For your sake, know when it’s okay to walk away and when to give it a stop. Don’t feed on words that break you! But once you’ve walked away don’t linger in those words nor contemplate these persons’ absence.

Stop meditating on the pain people have pinned on you. Run to the wind and hear love sing because life is a melody, too short to stay still feeling the pain. At one point we all hurt someone, and plead the words of sorry. Let’s always learn to walk away when it’s for the best of us. That’s what forgiveness truly defies!

Colossians 3:13 says, “Bearing with one another, and forgiving one another, if anyone has a complaint against another; even as Christ forgave you, so you also must do.”

We are all imperfect humans that fail God all the time. We hurt Him and sin against Him and still yet His mercy reaches out for us to shelter us in His arms wide open. Let’s do the same. For forgiveness is more a benefit to us than a favor to others. Let’s live one day at a time and learn to forgive.

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