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Don't Hang on to Mistakes of the Past

– by Seleni Perez – Your mistakes do not define you. (Psalms 37:24). We have all had rough rides in the road of life and along the way we have had bumps and wrong turns. It’s true sometimes we may not be the wisest, and several times we have made regrettable decisions that up to this day may haunt us. But let’s not be hard on ourselves by dragging our past wherever we go, but rather take these as valuable life lessons. Many times our past mistakes are a baggage we carry around and never want to let go, as if we create an attachment to it to create self-punishment. Don’t do that!

In fact, we all make mistakes in our lives that no matter how much time has time has passed it is still vivid in our minds. The reality of this is that we all do things we wished we could erase from our past. Please, do not label yourself for the faults that you may think you have, but rather embrace it as an experience for betterment.

Learn to accept that there are things that happens to help us grow spiritually and emotionally. Do not be hard on you, and forgive yourself. Yes, forgive, as odd as it may sound; because blaming yourself will only hurt you more and keep you in a pool of pain which later on can even affect your health.

You must accept that you no longer have control of what has happened, but you can still direct your ship to the right path. Now, this is not for us to be proud of the mistakes, but to learn that we must mend things rather than completely vanish is. You must move on and leave it behind in order for a proper heal to take place. Take a lesson from it, ask for forgiveness as well and correct it to not fall back. Let the wounds remain as a reflection of what you once did and transform the experiences to a complete change that is needed in our life and only God can do.

Our mistakes should never define us and we should never allow anyone to bring you down for this. We are more than what are mistakes wants to make us believe. If God has forgiven us so should we. You are not defined by the mistakes you have done, or the fingers that the world points at you. If you have decided to make a change in your life then let it be. It is our duty to accept the past as a lesson of value to become a better version of you. We are all defined by God. Who loves us no matter what (Romans 8:38). Do not forget this! Look at the horizon and smile because our God is bigger than you mistakes and his mercies are new every day.

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