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Focus on Today

– by Seleni Perez – Do not worry about tomorrow because no one knows if it will come; and if we waste too much time thinking, we may lose the greatest moments of today. Treasure the ‘now’ and live each moment, not taking a single second for granted.

Matthew 6:34 says “Do not be anxious about tomorrow, God will take care of your tomorrow too.”

Live one day at a time and set your priorities straight. It is good to have plans and set goals, but do not allow this to absorb you; because time passes and your happiness matters. As you read this I am pretty sure you have loved ones that surrounding you, maybe far away or waiting for you at home. Many might have their spouse and even children and other may just have their parents, so we must appreciate that each day that passes children grow, our spouse’s age and our parents become weak. Are you investing enough time on them? Sometimes we tend to give our all to our job that it drains us so much that we are too tired to play or have no time to stay. Let us not wait until it is late and cannot turn back time.

With so much going on in our lives, we sometimes live too frustrated and stressed out, and like always we find something or someone to blame and end up hurting those we love most. Take a hold of your life. We must realize happiness is at the reach of our hands, and although money always comes good, it will never fill the void that only you can seal. If we do not take control of our present, like a burning candle, our lives will be the flame that will melt the wax of our future to the ground.  

No one knows what tomorrow holds. So live today, please take a break! Stop worrying about what will happen next. Instead, hug your mom tightly, kiss your child, laugh with your dad and call a friend. You might just realize how fortunate you are. So, come back to the present and allow God to take control of your future. What is meant to happen will happen, so our faith should be placed on our Father Almighty. God bless you and live today for today!

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