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Secrets to Life: Trust in God

– By Seleni Perez – It is true that at times we can be as stubborn as can be, and want things our way.

But let’s keep in mind that “blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.” (Jeremiah 17:7). Life may not always turn out the way we hoped for, and saying everything happens for a reason is rather cliche, and seldom gives us comfort. Many times we lose our peace of mind wondering how things will turn out and try to find so many worldly solutions with our own strengths and knowledge, not allowing God to put His hands on our lives and purpose, and that is exactly the problem. We tend to put our trust in our own strengths, have too much expectations from others around us and then find ourselves putting the blame on God.

We are humans, in which we are limited to so much. Now I don’t mean to sound pessimist, but rather in a much realistic manner there are things we can and cannot do, and of what we cannot do the most evident is we cannot control circumstances in our lives, much less people. Quite often I hear people cry over situations that they did not expect and question God for desperate answers, rather than wait on Him. You lost your job and have so many bills to pay? “Everything happens for a reason” is completely uncalled for! The answer is in prayer! Put your hope and confidence on the Lord.

Another thing that may hit rock bottom is when people fail us. And that happens so often! But to be frank, we have all disappointed someone at some point, but that is part of our human nature. However, our battle unfolds when it comes from the least expected. That is why betrayal hurts so much! This happens to us because we sometimes have more faith on people than on God. But let me tell you things only happen for the better when our gaze is on God.

Remember, God is the answer. Look at the horizon – you see the sun shining over you? That is God’s grace. Trust in God that He will never fail, and only with Him victory always prevails. No man nor our own strengths can replace or fulfill the things only God can do.

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