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Miss Elvia Staines Celebrates 80 Grand Style

“It is a joyous celebration when one celebrates a quinceaños, but isn’t it an even more joyous and special occasion to celebrate turning 80?” These were the opening remarks of Mr. Angel Nuñez who was invited to toast for our beloved octogenarian, Mrs. Elvia Staines.

And Nuñez continued, “A rich person is not one who has much, but rather a rich person is one who is content with what he or she has. In this scenario Miss Elvia is a millionaire because she has truly enjoyed her life, family and friends, good health, the zest of living and being a generous giver to this community.”

The large gathering, a full house at Elvie’s Kitchen, was entertained with enjoyable toasts from many family members including a sensational one by her great granddaughter Madison, who received a huge applause and standing ovation.

Elvie’s Kitchen was packed, on Sunday, January 29, 2012, with family members and friends who delighted in bringing personal well wishes to San Pedro’s tourism icon, Miss Elvia.  The special invited guests enjoyed delectable appetizers, drinks and dinner by Jenny Staines and staff and then danced with the music of Will and the Caribbean Shells. Ambergris Today salutes a loving friend and tourism icon, and wishes her continued happiness and good health and may all her dreams be fulfilled.

Mrs. Elvia Staines with her loving childrenMrs. Elvia Staines with daughters Alma, Jennie, Iraida and GloriaMrs. Ligia Nuñez and Mr. Angel Nuñez presenting Mrs. Staines with a giftInvited guests of Mrs. Elvia Staines celebrating her 80th BirthdayInvited guests of Mrs. Elvia Staines celebrating her 80th BirthdayInvited guests of Mrs. Elvia Staines celebrating her 80th BirthdayHappy 80th Birthday Mrs. Elvia Staines

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