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Holiday Hotel Inaugurates Caprice Restaurant & Bar

The San Pedro Holiday Hotel officially repoened its restaurant and bar under the new name Caprice; giving the establishment a new look. Classy Chic comes to mind when you step into Caprice; with a long and elegant bar, four different lounge areas, a waterfall wall, and the large deck converted into the restaurant dining area, the establishment now gives off more of a boutique-hotel feeling. A very impressive makeover, we must say!

Celi’s Restaurant has now become an elegant outdoor dining experience, known as Caprice, with a shaded outdoor deck with mood lighting for the evenings. It’s menu has been tweaked, so you have to try out the new classy joint in town.

Renovations at the San Pedro Holiday Hotel also include upgrades to their rooms and a swimming pool to come in the near future. Lisa Guerrero commented that the renovations are a breath of fresh air for the long-standing iconing hotel in downtown San Pedro, as much had not changed in a long time.

San Pedro Holiday Hotel

Caprice’s outdoor dining area

San Pedro Holiday Hotel

Lounge and dining area at Caprice

San Pedro Holiday Hotel

New elegant bar at Caprice

San Pedro Holiday Hotel

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