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My Special Christmas!

Hello my dear Teen colleagues. Christmas is around the corner and, of course, you must be planning already how you will spend that special annual event. I know that Christmas is cultural and we all do as the rest do in our community. However, I also know that every individual has his/her unique way of making this celebration special, so for this issue I ask teens, ” What all do you do to make Christmas special for yourself and other loved ones?” First I will tell you
what I do.

Miss Teen Talk: As every year that passes by things change but it even gets better. Christmas is the time whereby I just love spending time with my loved ones especially my mom, dad and little brothers; plain and simple but it means so much to me. I simply ask my mommy to cook and sit down enjoy the dinner and simply catch up and chat a little with the parents. I also enjoy seeing the boys opening their gifts with excitement and laugh at daddy’s jokes. The greatest gift I can get is not the one from Santa clause, but the one that my parents give me and that is love and understanding. The material stuff is just an extra bonus, but that doesn’t really matter. And I would remind them and also thank them for everything they do for me by simply doing something they like. Most important is that I am with my family another year and that I can enjoy the wonders of what every Christmas brings.

Nayomi- By spending all my time with the family and loved ones and telling them how much I love them and how much they mean to me.
Elizabeth- Well I love Christmas, mostly because that’s when all the family gets together. I love looking around the table and seeing everyone smiling. My family usually has a big dinner and that’s one of the things we do to make it special. On Christmas day my mom and I would open our presents then have a good breakfast and it’s like bonding time for me and her. I always have this warm feeling in my heart.

Rushelle- I stay up late and have an amazing dinner where everyone has a great time. Family time is important just to show that you care and love each other; gifts are nice too, but it’s the quality time you spend with your family that is worth more than anything else.

Roceli- We all get together and share as much joy and laughter as we can. We stick together as a big family; we play games and share as much as we can to make it a better Christmas and we all stay up late telling stories and playing cards.

Leah- Well I make my family feel special by letting them know that I’m grateful for what they have done for me…Umm! I’d make a dinner (like I did today), I baked cookies…made cards…and get present gifts to them. We hang out; I surprise them with something they really wanted and just basically have them know that I do care and appreciate who they are and what they have done for me.

Cindy Michelle- I would buy gifts and spend time with my loved ones and have fun in any way; and also have a dinner.

Leonardo- First of all, I would treat myself by buying a gift, and for my family; I tend to spend the whole day with them.

Emilie- When Christmas comes around I usually try to find a way to make my friends and family strengthen our bonds by exchanging small tokens, being there for one another, and most of all just being ourselves and making each other laugh and have fun.

Rocio- To make Christmas special for myself I celebrate the day of Christ our Savior’s birthday in church. For my love ones like my family I would spend every second as possible to help out wherever I can since I came to spend the holidays with them and just enjoy this wonderful time of year as peacefully as I can with them by my side.

Nina- Usually I go to the midnight mass and afterwards go have dinner with the family and burst some fire crackers. Then I go home as Santa comes the next morning when I am excited to open my gifts. Later on the family comes over and there is so much to eat and talk about.

Gia- I think Christmas should not be only for us but for anyone you can lend a helping hand and give love to, for example an orphan. Caring for the needy would make me happy and would make me feel the spirit of Christmas.

Merry Christmas to everyone from Miss Teen Talk and all of us at Ambergris Today.

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