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The Evils of Gossip!

GOSSIP can fill your life with more intrigue than a feature film. When our parents were in their teens, the latest buzz was most often spread by word of mouth. Today, though, gossip has gone high-tech. Armed with e-mail and instant messaging, a boy or a girl with malicious intent can tarnish your reputation without even speaking a word. All it takes is a few keystrokes to send a vicious rumor on its way to dozens of eager recipients.

I was curious to ask my peers if they are guilty of spreading Bad Gossip about someone or if they have been the victims of Bad Gossip. So I ask them, “How does gossip affect them and others around them?” “How does gossip affect you and others around you?”

Amaris: It affects me because it goes around fast and people tend to add or take parts off it.  Then the entire town ends up knowing something that perhaps isn’t even true. It affects others because they no longer live a peaceful life; rather they talk about others not being conscious that they themselves are sometimes part of what they are talking about. If they are saying something really bad about me, I guess it affects my reputation.

Krista: Well I don’t let gossip get to me because I know it’s not true and it’s a whole bunch of people who have nothing better to do. They just want to lower people’s self esteem so that they can feel good about themselves. I tend to brush off what people gossip although I can’t say how it affects the people around me. I’ve been approached a lot about gossip that does go around and I let them know the truth. I think gossip definitely affects my parents negatively because which father and mother would like to be hearing things about any of their kids?

Roshan: I would be lying if I said that gossip has no effect on me. It does, especially when whatever they are gossiping about is a lie. I would say that is has a little effect on me because at the end of the day I still remain the same person. Of course you have to worry about what people are saying but don’t allow that to change you as a person, especially if you know that you are doing the right thing. It also affects the people around me because sometimes they are not as strong as to ignore the gossiping which can further lead to problems within friends and family.

Leonardo: Most of the time gossip influences people’s perception of me. Whether it’s bad or good it will always shape the thoughts of who people think I am and not who I really am. Gossip affects everyone; it’s just a part of society.

Nena: It affects me in different ways, like it changes my life because it’s all a lie and other people believe them. Sometimes it just makes me angry and sometimes it can make you go crazy and the other people around you are ashamed of being with you because of the gossip.

Jovita: Firstly, gossip leads to lies. Secondly, it affects me because people tend to have a different image of me and they see me differently due to the lies that gossip brings about.

Gia: Gossip affects everyone around us because what comes out of our mouth may or may not be true, but the fact is that everyone should watch what they say and mind their own business. The consequences can lead to loss of friendships and disrespect of others.

Zemara: Gossip is trouble. Looking for gossip, either true or false, leads to drama, queries and fights. Many people get affected, many people get hurt and others break friendships and relationships. I simply hate gossip; if only all of the people around us would value the important stuff rather than believe in something that could or may never be true.

Blair: Gossip creates tension in my social life and also tends to break ties with the people around me.

Tasneem: Well it doesn’t affect me. I let People think what they want and do what they want.

Cindy Michelle: Um, it does in a way, where things would change but not all the time because I don’t really care what people got to say and so do my friends.

Lizeth: I see gossip as trivial, hurtful and socially and intellectually unproductive. Personally, I’m not a big fan of gossip because it has affected me and my friends deeply. Once you are true to yourself, you have nothing to worry about because sooner or later, the truth will be revealed.

Gossip can simply lead to a negative end to lots of things – to a friendship and relationships between family and friends. A simple phrase can change a whole idea and it can change a whole life.

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