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Do I Need a Mobile Phone?

– by Gabriela Nuñez, Teen Talk Reporter

Mobile phones are becoming ever more popular everywhere. They are convenient. Your friends and parents can contact you anytime, anywhere – and you them. Some models allow you to exchange short text messages, which is the latest way for young people to feed their urge to communicate. There are even mobile phones that can connect you to cyberspace, providing access to Web sites and E-mail.

You may already have one, or you may be planning to get one. In either case, you might consider the saying: “There are two sides to every coin.” A mobile phone may well have some benefits. However, you may want to think about the other side of the coin, for even if you choose to buy one, being fully aware of its potential drawbacks will help you use it wisely.

How young is too young to get a mobile phone? These days you see 10 year olds, and even younger, with cell phone in hand, texting and making calls. Do children way below their teens need a cell phone? Are there any benefits you think or is it a bad idea? What do you think?

Marie: Well age doesn’t really matter, but at times we can’t blame the children asking for a cell phone. Sometimes the parents also have most of the fault; they can simply say “no your too young” or just ignoring them.

Aimee: I don’t think so; although it does has benefits like when they’re in trouble or something, but other than that no, because they are pretty young.

Solani: I don’t think children below their teens need a cell phone because they are still too young. It might be the most popular thing and they might want it but its better if they don’t because it could cause them trouble and loose interest in their studies. It can BENEFIT them in the way that they can contact their parents if they need for emergencies but I don’t think it’s a good idea for them to own one at that age.

Jonathan: Well I do think they need a cell phone because what if they get into danger and they don’t have no way to contact someone like the police or anyone that could help them and I don’t think it’s a bad idea.

Seleni: There are always two sides to everything. I believe that cell phones could be helpful and beneficial to kids below their teens as long as the parent monitor the calls made and received and programming the phone to only call and receive certain pre-programmed numbers.

Samira: No I don’t think it’s a good idea; they are not really mature to know what it is. The responsibility of a cell phone, in my studies, show that it is proven that children who carry around cell phone on their pockets have a high risk of getting cancer due to radio waves. Moreover, why would someone younger than a teenager have a cell phone if their parent is responsible of knowing where their kids are and what time they are to be home? Now-a-days people can easily access your phone, that’s when the prank calls come in place, kids easily would give information and they can cause serious harm to themselves.

Denzel: Cell phones can help, but can destroy you in such a cruel way. I believe that kids should NOT have a cell phone. They are still too young and they can get in trouble really fast and I just think that they will just open their mind more to things that should not be rushed.

Daymon: It’s really not a bad idea. Most pre-teens do need a cell phone mostly because when they are away from their parents, like at school or at a baby sitter, their parents need to know what they are doing and if their child is in a safe condition.

Shell: I do see it being wrong but I see my little brother, he is small and he has a cell phone but he doesn’t even use it; so that is just a waste of money and waste of time. But in the end, I do believe my parents have the fault in giving him the cell phone, because I see it just opening his mind to things he should not be worrying about; his time will come.

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