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"Guys: What is your Girliest Habit?"

– by Gabriela Nuñez, Teen Talk Reporter

I was reading Cosmopolitan the other day and I stumbled upon an article in which the author sought to find out what small habits some guys have that might seem a bit “Girly”. Although sometimes some habits might seem to be only meant for girls, there is nothing wrong for guys to do as well.

Like, let’s say, use a lot of hair products or take care of their fingernails! Come on! We girls like our boys to look good and presentable, don’t we? So we cannot tease them of being girly when they have these habits. So I took to asking my guy friends if they have any habits that might seem a bit girly and are not ashamed in admitting. Here’s what I found out.

Daymon: I take waaaaay to many pictures of myself and I like to cut my eyes at people a lot. That’s really girly.

Unkown1: Well, I haven’t said this to anyone and just because I can put another name I would like to confess that yes I do have a habit that might seem a bit girly. In my case I do ballet and it’s not that I am ashamed of it, but mostly because my so call friends believe that is only for gay people. But I’m not gay; I just love what I do and that is dancing ballet.

Irvino: I’m obsessed with looking good; you know like how a girl always intends to look good.

Chisme: I love to know what is happening around and this is like what dem gyal do – talk a lot. It’s kinda cazzy because only gyal suppose fuh do dat.

Mr. Color: A habit that seems girly? Oh yes, I do have and that is dying my hair. It’s very cool I would say, but for others it doesn’t seem that way.

Eyes: Well I do my eyebrows and for most people that seems girly. But, I mean, everyone likes to look and be clean.

Jo: Once a month I do a pedicure. I mean, girls love boys with pretty and clean feet, although only girls should do that, I guess that seems girly.

Mr.: I tend to grow my nails pretty long and some of the girls don’t like it. They suggest that I should cut it because the first thing they say “oh only girls do that”.

Jeans:  I know the style right now is skinny jeans and I have used it for quite a long time, but my so called friend would state that skinny jeans are only for girls.

Jo2: The only habit that seems girly to me is that I get along with the guys and talk about girls just like girls do when they get together to talk about boys.

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