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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!

– By Gabriela Nuñez, Teen Talk Reporter

Talking in front of or to the mirror is nothing that you want to boast in public. But let’s face it, there are so many who do this but keep quiet about it. When you do so, you are actually talking to yourself. Do you know that it is actually okay to talk to yourself? 

Well it all depends on what you tell the mirror. If you tell the mirror that you are the most beautiful person in the world and that nobody can surpass your beauty and intelligence, you would be like the conceited woman who could not accept that Snow White was the prettiest woman in the empire. But you might tell yourself something positive to build up your self esteem. So my question to peers is: “Do you at times talk to the mirror? What do you tell to your reflections? Or if you don’t talk to it, what other “Things” you do in front of a mirror?”

Gaba: Well I don’t talk to the mirror, but I can sure say that I dance in front of a mirror.

Twinkles: When I stare into a mirror I take a while inhale and say “Hey, I look good today.” It’s not easy to accept that you are good looking.

Jamie: Yes I do talk to a mirror; I picture myself talking to a friend that I wish I had like the same qualities I have and what I expect to listen.

Lucio: I don’t talk to the mirror but I check out my muscles after a workout.

Beth: I sure do talk to a mirror but that is when I have a presentation to give or something that needs to be done in school; I express myself.

Sel: Well I would just stare at myself in the mirror and try to smile with my eyes. That is when I’m bored.

Shelli: I would ask myself why I look sooo off this morning! (I hate those days)

Magi: I only do this when I have to present something at school and work on my gestures and my hand movements. But the funny part is that one time, not so long ago, I was doing this and my mom opened the door without me noticing. It was a bit funny because she stared with a question mark on her face.

Roxette: I dance in front of the mirror 😛

John: Well, I just have this habit of standing in front of a mirror and practice my greetings with a smile aside.

Patty: The mirror thing is something I love doing. I just use it when I have something really important to tell my boyfriend. So I would stand there and practice how I would do the wink and the little flirty smile, or speak like I’m practical speaking to him.

Cindy Michelle: Ohh, YESS I dance in front of the mirror, I sing, talk, dance and play model:] haha

Gigi Z: Nmm..!! When I’m in front of a mirror I always look at myself and see how beautiful I am…I will always compliment myself and also talk to myself (dat’s crazy) but I mean it’s fun because I’m the only person that knows what I want to be said and what I want to hear lol ohh, yesssss.

I guess it is not that weird to talk to yourself in the mirror as I can see that many of us do it. Be it to reassure yourself, gain some confidence, confide to yourself or just be silly, a little one on one with your reflection is all good and fun.

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