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Who are Your True Friends?

– by Teen Talk Reporter Solani Graniel – “I am surrounded by friends, but have no friends.” This is how many young people find themselves today. They experience being among a lot of friends but not feeling particularly close to any of them. You could have a huge ‘friends list’ and look popular and awesome but in reality that list might be full of meaningless contacts.

Which would you rather have – hundreds of contacts or a few genuine friends? Although both have advantages, a true friend can help you through challenges or help you realize a mistake you are making. So my question today, my dear teenagers is: What are the qualities of a true friend? To make it simpler, what kind of person do you consider a true friend?

Janelli – Well, I consider a true friend to be someone you are close with and someone you can trust and tell them everything without them spreading around what you say. I expect true friends to be there for you through the good and bad times; no matter what happens they will always be around.

Maite – True friends are there for you through the good and bad; they accept you for whom you are.

Ernilda – Someone who will always be there for you through thick and thin; someone that you count to be there for you.

Sasha – All my life I’ve had all kinds of friends, younger and older than me, and I always hear about having a true friend and a best friend. To me a best friend does not exist since many “friends” have ended disappointed me when I though they where that “best friend”. On the other hand I do believe in a true friend since there are friends who are really there for you when you need them. They tend to always give you that extra hand when you need it or are there for you when things are hard; those kinds of friends should be kept close. Also, if you consider and believe in a true friend, you should always do the same to them as they do onto you, because at a certain time you will really need them. So I end by saying that to me a best friend does not exist but a true friend will always be their because a real friend doesn’t just pick you up when you’re down, they make sure you don’t fall in the first place. A true friend sees the good in everything, and brings out the best in the worst of things.”

Monica – Honest, trust worthy, kind, sharing, down to earth, fun, understanding, genuine… Those are qualities of a friend!

Joellie – To me a true friend is someone who will be there for you no matter what; someone that has seen you in horrible times and is there holding you and letting you know it’s okay.

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