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Town Teens’ Views on Town Clock

We have heard complaints, we have seen a protest and strikes on the television, comments and remarks on the newspaper – adults against the big clock to be put on the middle of the front street. Every adult has had a say in this except for us youths. So this is why I decided to ask my fellow friends: “What do you think about the town clock? Should it be erected by the Town Council or not?” “Why or Why not?”

Cesibell – The clock is a great idea but I don’t think that the location is much of a great idea. The people of San Pedro have already adapted to the way of how the streets are and this would change it completely. Another location would be good but where it is being placed will simply ruin the street and the Island feeling.

Raymundo – I think that it’s a good idea but a better location could be found… Maybe a little bit more to the side where it doesn’t affect traffic but in all it’s a good idea.

Jasmine – I personally think it’s a good idea to have a clock in town, but it looks a little too big to be in the middle of the street. Perhaps, a better location can be found for the clock to be established at.

Georgina – No, because as much as our island is trying to make the view a very touristic one, the ones affected in the end are us. It is true that it can make our front street very attractive but take into consideration the establishments and residents in that area.

Jonathan – I don’t think it’s that necessary, but if they do put it up, they should place it somewhere else, not there. They should find some other location.

Jason – I think it’s good and bad at the same time; it’s not really a BIG Deal like how people the make it.

Mahe – I think they should put it up, just NOT THERE! It’s blocking traffic and making life difficult because now you have to go all around just to get to Manelly’s or Top Notch. People in the area will lose business.

There you have it Mayor Paz and councilors and all our leaders.  The teenagers have spoken and I believe they have a powerful voice.  Don’t forget that they will be the voters in just a few years, perhaps as early as 2013 for the general elections. Politicians should listen to their constituents, especially youths because they are really smart and they go with the flow.  “Happy Town Clock Decisions.”  Or is the decision final?

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