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Education is the Key!

How many times have we heard this phrase being thrown at us over and over again? Plenty, but despite it we can’t deny agreeing with it! Being educated is quite different than having an education. What separates them apart is the knowledge to practice your learnt capabilities in your field of work.

Anyone could be educated but how many really take advantage of the opportunity and digest the information to be proud enough to prove that they do obtain a good education? Education is very vital in our modernizing world. Now-a-days it is difficult to be employed without having a good extent of it. Our parents, our loved ones, even ourselves wish only the best hoping to make a difference by being someone important in the world we live.

Being ambitious and determined are essential motives that could help you dream big and become successful. Our island is filled with potential, that’s why we encourage each other to never give up to keep trying thus staying in school. The amount of student drop outs is devastatingly increasing each year causing an increase in violence, drugs and unstable homes. Something must be done to assist students not to turn to this means as a sort of refuge for whatever problem they might be facing, making them unable to continue school.

I have hope and faith that despite all the obstacles we will bring inspiration to those less fortunate in an attempt to push them to keep trying. The sky is the limit. The island is filled with vivid dreamers; from tour guides to medical doctors. So this week I decided to give San Pedro a sneak peek on the future workers of the island. I asked, “What career do you want to pursue and why?” My Peers answered stupendously:

Emilie Gomez Teen Talk ReporterTeen Talk: The career of Environmental Engineering interests me; I have always wanted to work in assisting the world to develop but without having horrible impacts on the environment around us.

Marz: I aspire to be a Pediatrician. I love children and I’m trying my best; studying hard and working my butt off to make it come true.

Mundy: I would like to pursue the career of being a Doctor because I like the feeling of helping others, and I’m very interested in medical science.

Jasi: I aspire to become a Dentist. It’s something I really like and I desire to help people who are insecure with their smiles to have the opportunity to be beautiful and shine.

Nirsa: The career I want to pursue is that of a Nurse, I want to open my own pharmacy and be a lab technician because chemistry and biology are my favourite subjects.

Trisha: The career that I want to pursue is to become a Meteorologist because it consists of my favourite subject math. Also it is something that grabbed my attention.

Arri: Marine Biologist – something that has to do with the marine science, I love being in the sea.

Dilsy: Psychologist, because I like the practice and also because I’m good at analyzing people very quickly.

Kari: I would like to pursue the career of Dermatology. The reason being that I would be able to help individuals struggling with skin disorders and improve their self esteem.

Kris: I want to pursue the career of being a pilot and business management, I realized that flying a plane is very appealing to me and along with that I would love to open and manage my own business.

Itzy: I want to become a teacher, my inspiration was to follow my mom’s footsteps and since small I have always wanted to be one.

Magz: I would like to be a Doctor, to help out a lot of ill people and to lessen the necessity of one in the island.

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