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What Teenagers Want from Politicians

Everyone talks about making the community better; we hear chatter all over town about fixing the streets, about helping out areas such as San Mateo, San Pedrito, DFC and so much more. Everyone talks about making their lives better but what about us teens. I strongly believe that the most important thing they should focus on is teens, young people, and the children. We are the future of the community and we should only be given the best!

Teen Talk Reporter Solani GranielWe heard it all over the past few weeks! ELECTIONS! ELECTIONS! ELECTIONS! Well elections are finally over; the new town council has been chosen! Some are happy with the results, some aren’t, but overall everyone talks about making the community better – even us teens. Even if we aren’t old enough to vote, we think and speak of the many ways to make our community better! Although we are not 18 and we did not vote this year for election I decided to ask my fellow teens: “What can the new Town Council do to keep us teens entertained?” This is what they had to say:

Gina – I believe that the new Town Council should help the little areas of San Pedro Town, keep our beaches and streets clean, help give an education to those who can’t afford one and build an institution where teens can mingle and have a really great time!

Jason – The new government should stop offshore drilling, FIX THE FOOTBALL field and stop wasting money on fixing the main town’s street and focus on San Mateo, San Pedrito, DFC, etc.

Joellie – I expect them to open a music institute to help teens express their feeling through music instead of not doing anything. If not, they should open something that will allow teens to engage in these activities besides sports.

Al Hernandez – They should open places where we can go socialize together and just have fun, you know! There are hardly any places for us to go and hang out with friends! It’s just so boring.

Uriel – One thing for sure is to have sporting events like football, only for teens not for men, Like a marathon competition or something!! Not only that, but also I think they should open different centers with activities for us teen to engage in like music, sports, art and more.

Wendy – I am a young Belizean who dreams to see Belize progress as a united nation where every single individual knows their rights and exercise them for a better Belize. I expect this new town council to work for the people. Our country has been facing many problems such as: Poverty, education, violence, etc. I hope that our governors can see that these are issues that need to be addressed, and it is fundamental that they start working on how to make progress in approaching these issues. Belize needs the implementation of a better education system which allows every single person to have the right to have an education, but not just a simple education but an effective education that helps reduce ignorance in our country. If a good education system is implemented in the country our citizens will know how to defend their rights and have access to a better future which will help the country in reducing violence, drug-dealers, and other social phenomenon´s.

I also expect the government to work for a better health system which enables every Belizean to have access to healthcare even if they can’t afford it. Because our health workers have lack of discipline, moral ethics, or experience we are losing many lives that could make a difference in Belize. The governments need to ensure that the people working at hospitals have the abilities to perform their task and can ensure that every Belizean will receive a quality health care. Every human being deserves the right to live in a society where healthcare can be accessible for them.

The most important point that our leaders need to address is in increasing our economy in order to create jobs so poverty can be reduced. I believe that our government needs to initiate projects in which our Belizean farmers can benefit. Farmers need to be taken into account; their products need to be fomented country wide, instead of importing products that are costing the country an extra expense. Belize possesses the water and the land that our farmers need to create these products, so it’s just a matter of fomenting and supporting our agricultural industry. Since history, agriculture has been the main sources for the growth of economy and in Belize, it’s an issue that requires a higher attention and it needs to be treated.

There are many ways in which our government can make a difference in order to have a better Belize. I am hoping that our leaders will take their time to create projects that will benefit the Belizean people. Belize needs and deserves a better society. The people have chosen, now it’s time for our governors to be authorities and take us towards a better Belize.

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