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Ryan Ancona is Newest Teen Talk Reporter

Ambergris Today is very happy to welcome its newest and freshest, yet, Teen Talk Reporter. Ryan Ancona is the first male teen reporter and the first 1st Form students from San Pedro High School to take on the position.

Ambergris Today wanted to take the Teen Talk column into a new direction and Ryan has all the qualities that we were looking for in our newest teen reporter; he is fun, outgoing, smart and an aspiring actor. We surely know that Ryan Ancona will bring his special touch to Ambergris Today and capture not only his peer’s attention but also that of all our avid readers. We hope that everybody will encourage Ryan in his articles, write in their comments, suggestions and ideas for him to write about.

Welcome to the Ambergris Today Family Ryan!

My Name is Ryan Ancona; I’m 13 years old and attend San Pedro High School. I plan to report on the happenings of today’s teens and bring lots of great new ideas to Teen Talk such as videos to give a fresh perspective to the articles. I will try to keep all the articles very interesting and will just make them a joy to read every week!

I like to do comedy videos and have a YouTube Channel Named RyanMediaCentralXD. On My YouTube Channel I have many different alter egos or characters which I play. So I hope everyone will like the article and Thank You for Reading!

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My Latest Video:

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