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Emo Teens Deal Depression with ‘Cutting’

So this week I would like to talk about cutting and depression and I believe this is a very big issue with teens today. When going to school I have noticed a lot of people with cut scars on their wrists and these same people that do are the ones that always seem happy and are living a good life.

Ambergris Today Teen Talk Reporter Ryan AnconaIt’s funny how what you see on the outside does not compare to what is on the inside. For example, a regular boy that always has a lot of friends and is super happy could just, on the next day, kill himself.

Teens could be depressed for many things. Maybe it’s their parents’ neglect on their social, emotional or even educational problems. Also, another reason is that they believe cutting themselves is a style or fashion because there are actual groups that pretend to act sad and cut themselves because they are trying to be ‘Emo’.

I have actually seen on a lot of these types of social networks – a girl would post a status saying “Omg! ‘Emo’ Boys are so cute!” Then a boy sees this and cuts his hand and tries to be this ‘emo’ person, but there are actual real depressed people, actual ‘emo’ people who do come together in groups to cut or do different rituals. The only difference between these two is that the real ‘emo’ group is actually depressed for some reason and could lead to suicidal tendencies. However, the ones pretending to be ‘emo’ would not go as far as to kill themselves.

So if you are depressed, you need to talk to someone and try to change what is making you depressed. I know it might sound hard but as soon as you are willing to conquer your depression, it’s a piece of cake. If you cut yourself to relieve your depression, then I got to tell you something; it doesn’t work. All that it does is give you pain and scars on your hands.

If you are just trying to be cool and pretend to be ‘emo’ then just plain stop it. It is not really that great of a thing. All you guys really do is leaves unnecessary scars on your arms. Also it affects the way people think of you.

So if you are depressed don’t cut yourself; I know that it is a coping mechanism that makes you feel better, but that is just temporary. There are better ways to deal with your depression that will help you get out of it. Don’t cry or end your life. Go cut yourself a piece of cake and conquer what you need to do. -By Ryan Ancona

Emo Teens Deal Depression with ‘Cutting’

Some teenagers deal with depression by cutting themselves

Emo Teens Deal Depression with ‘Cutting’

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