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Music for Your Changing Moods

By Ryan Ancona

Music is the number one thing that every teen uses to come off planet earth for a couple of minutes and be transported into the magical world of imagination and emotions. But which music is best for the mood you are in?

Everyone knows that feeling when you just put on your headphones and at that same moment someone starts talking to you. It is probably very annoying but depending on what kind of music you are listening, to will actually change the mood of your response.

For example if you are listening to a nice soothing song you wouldn’t be so mad;  just take out your ear buds and listen to what the person has to say. But if you were listening to a song with a very fast beat you would probably answer with a load, “What!”  You might not be angry but you will give that impression.

Another way music changes your mood is if you are depressed; listen to an uplifting song will brighten your day. When doing some physical activity or working hard, it would be nice to listen to fast music so that you move rapidly too. Imagine doing exercise or aerobics with slow music.  It just would not work, right?  Even though music is a great thing and can help in so many ways, it can also influence you into doing bad things. For example, if you are listening to a song that talks about drugs and other illegal activities this could influence you in doing these things as well.

Therefore when listening to music, try to listen to some happy songs and by this I don’t mean children songs. I mean regular artists, just not the ones with bad messages. Also try to listen to music with lyrics that show how you feel. This way you can have an awesome time listening to music.

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