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Back to School

By Ryan Ancona
It’s back to school and most likely a lot of people feel restless and tired because of staying up late and hanging with friends and family during the Easter vacation. So here are some tips to get back on track and be motivated for another good term of schoolwork.

1. Set a sleeping schedule – set a time in the night that you go to sleep and a time in the morning that you wake up if you don’t already have one. Try to keep this schedule and also try not to wake up and go back to sleep for “5” more minutes when it’s time to wake up because that will actually get you more tired than before.

2. Set a homework time – it may seem boring or even irritating to think about this but try to set an exact time for you to sit down and do your homework and try to keep it constant

3. Set a goal – try to set a goal of what grade you want to get at the end of the term on your report card and aim for that goal

4. Find time for Fun – even though school is important , you still need time to relax and hang out with your friends; just try to make sure that you have all your homework finished.

5. Know what you want to do – to make yourself motivated to do your school work figure out what job you would like in the future and aim for it.

6. Find methods of studying – Find a method that suits you best when studying so that you are certain you will get a good grade.  Your school counselor can help you.

7. Don’t put yourself down – don’t think that you can’t do the work; just try your best.  Do not compare yourself to others or this might put you down; just try your best.

8. Don’t over stress yourself – Don’t think every minute of the day about school and work.  Put a balance ; even though school is important your life is important as well

I hope you got something out of this article.  I know I got something out of it myself.  Have a great week and I check back next week for another Teen Talk article here on Ambergris Today!

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