Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

* by Ryan Anonca, Teen Talk Reporter * In this week’s Teen Talk article, I would like to talk about coming out of your comfort zone and facing your fears. It is a very difficult to come out of your comfort zone if you are a shy person. There are people who are confident without any help and were just born with it, but for others they are not so lucky.

I also have a lot of difficulties with being shy as well, which was the reason I started making a lot of crazy outgoing videos such as dancing on the street and dressing as many different characters on my YouTube show; www.RyanAnconaTV.

So why is it good to come out of your comfort zone? Well, for the simple reason that we cannot always live our life in fear of what might happen. We must learn to take chances and not let our fears get the best of us. If we live in fear we wouldn’t be able to progress in life, just staying at the same pace for all eternity. That is a little boring; don’t you think?

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

So how is it that we can break out of our comfort zone? Well it could be a very difficult problem, but the first thing you have to do is find what is it that you’re too shy to do. Is it that you have a hard time making friends and socializing? Or is it that special someone you can’t find the words to talk to? Do some soul searching, pick your brain and identify the issue at hand.

After you found out what your problem is, you will need to start slow and aim to break your fears. If you have a hard time socializing start by trying to make one friend at a time, but even though fear might be attacking you at this moment just fight harder and continue to progress through time. Before you know it you will have tons of friends in no time! The same goes for any other type of problem; slowly fight your fears and aim to conquer them.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Some other helpful tips to build up your confidence would be to keep your body healthy. Try to exercise and eat healthy foods and make sure not to put in any long-term harmful substances because when you are older you will most likely regret a lot of the decisions you made. Also make sure you take care of your body mentally.

Good luck in conquering your fears!

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