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Teens Can Overcome Peer Pressure

Was there ever a time when one of your friends wanted you to do something but you felt it just wasn’t right and you still did it anyway? Well that is a little thing called peer pressure and more than likely you have dealt with it before. When I was a little younger this was a very big problem for me but fortunately this was one of the problems I have successfully overcome. Now I am going to give you some tips on dealing with peer pressure.

Tip 1.  Be Confident – If your friends are pressuring you to do something, don’t act nervous even if you have to fake it for the first couple times. Scientific studies have shown that faking a confidence will actually help you in becoming confident.

Tip 2. Re- Evaluate your friends – If your friends are the type of people who are always trying to pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do, then they’re not really what you can term as great friends. Try to find some friends that have more similarities with you.

Tip 3. Just say NO – The easiest way to deal with pressure is to say, “NO”. Make sure to be confident and then just walk away. If the person still insists on pressuring you, just ignore him/her.

Tip 4. Lie – If saying a firm “NO” is too mean for you, then just make up a simple lie. For an example, if someone is pressuring you to go to a party that you don’t want to go to, just simply say “Sorry, I can’t because I have to go and help at my uncle’s restaurant and if I don’t he will kill me.” Then walk away.  

Tip 5. Think Rationally – Before giving in to the pressure, think of the consequence and see if it is worth it. If it is not, then use Tip 3 or 4 to get yourself out of it.

I hope these tips helped you out a little bit and remember, “You are your own person; no one has a right to control what you do except for yourself. Remember to always think and good luck.”

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