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Smart Media Release

Press Release – August 23 2011-  Today, August 23, 2011, Speednet Communications Limited (Speednet)signed an Interconnection Agreement prepared by the Public Utilities Commission and forwarded it to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC).

Having complied with the ruling of the Courts and orders of the PUC concerning interconnection, Speednet/Smart, along with its over one hundred thousand customers, expects that all obstacles will be removed and that the welcomed interconnection of its new 3G network with Belize Telemedia Limited will be effected in the next few days.

This long awaited interconnection of the 3G network will address the problems of congestion affecting our Smart customers. It will also allow Smart to launch its broadband data and high speed internet service on mobile phones as well as computers.

Speednet would again like to use this opportunity to thank its customers for their loyalty, understanding and confidence during this difficult period. We reiterate our commitment to continue delivering the best service at lower prices.

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