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Pic of the Week

Stunning images that capture the beauty of our island and its people. A new picture posted weekly.

sahara dust makes for gloomy skies in belize

Sahara Dust Makes for Gloomy Skies

So, have you heard about this Sahara Dust thing? Apparently, it’s been around forever, but it’s only recently that modern forecasts have clued us in on this natural phenomenon. It’s kind of wild to think about, right? I mean, back in the day, we’d just see cloudy skies and maybe

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Sports Fishing in Belize Does Not Get Any Better

Here’s a beauty for you! Local fisherman/guide, Carlos ‘Ketchu’ Marin, boasts a gorgeous Permit during one of this sports fishing expeditions. Belize is known for its excellent salt water flats ideal for grand slam

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Paletas – A Favorite Belizean Treat.

Everyone needs an afternoon snack, especially after a long day at school and during those hot tropical days. What better place than Las Palates where you can find a treat from almost any flavor

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Island Life: I Need A Ride

We live on an tropical island where it is sunny all year round, some days more than others. With this hot weather no one wants to be walking around, even less if you have

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Cold Front and Beautiful Sunsets

It may not look like it, but it’s chilly in Belize. A cold front made its way across the country on Sunday, sending everyone into their storage room looking for warm clothes. With Christmas

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What is Santa Claus Up to In Belize?

What does Santa Claus do while in Belize? He looks for adventure!!! He might be getting in shape for all the work he needs to get done on Christmas Eve. One thing for sure,

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Crocodile Goes on Golf Cart Ride

Island Problems – Living in and around the mangrove forests that comprise a majority of the island’s topography, it is not that strange to encounter wild creatures such as the salt water crocodile that

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Helicopter Ride with Mayor Danny aka Grandpa

So do you want to know who was responsible for dispersing all that candy from the ‘Flying Piñata’ high above San Pedro’s Central Park after the Independence Day parade? Mayor Daniel Guerrero was assisted

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Menacing Storm Cloud Over Ambergris Caye

You would think that this storm cloud would have brought a torrential downpour on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye; well, islanders just got a slight drizzle from it. The menacing and creepy-looking wall cloud looked

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Mondays Are Better in Belize

Monday always gets a bad rap – the weekend is over and it’s the start of a long week of work. But Pelagic Girl confirms that ‘Mondays are Better in Belize’ in this post

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Wild Underwater Encounters in Belize

“Chill with my boy Crush, giving me some fin,” says Josh Nuñez who loves to explore the undewater magnificence of the Barrier Reef of Belize. He is notorious for his wild and fun images

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