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25 Years Ago

An archive of a series of stories by Angel Nunez about the history of San Pedro, Belize. The writings reflect the life of a small fishing village filled with actual events, customs and culture, social life, successes, and problems all of which made up San Pedro twenty-five years ago.

The Incredible Coconut Tree

By Angel Nuñez The national tree of Belize is the mahogany but folks in San Pedro believe that if there were a national tree of Ambergris Caye, it must be the coconut tree.  This

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A Visit from your Beloved Deceased

By Angel Nuñez To keep the children out of the bush our parents warned us of the invasion of the Tata Balan. To keep the men at home after they were out drinking they

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Disciplining Children

By Angel Nuñez We hear of a whole lot of misbehavior, mischief and even delinquent acts that go unpunished or even unnoticed today.   Not so many years ago in San Pedro when there were

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San Pedro Village in the 1950's

By Angel Nuñez This is half of the tiny fishing village of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye in the 1950’s.  It is a historic photo as it is the only one of its kind.

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The British at San Pedro High School

By Angel NuñezThe Brits were very active in Belize from 1970’s and through the 80’s making reconnaissance flights around the country, airlifting emergency patients, and of course protecting our borders with Guatemala. They also

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The Many Faces of Daddy's Club

By Angel Nuñez Daddy’ Rock is under new management by Ana Cal and somebody asked, “How long back does Daddy’s go?”  Somebody said about 28 years, but she had no idea.  Here’s a little

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