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25 Years Ago

An archive of a series of stories by Angel Nunez about the history of San Pedro, Belize. The writings reflect the life of a small fishing village filled with actual events, customs and culture, social life, successes, and problems all of which made up San Pedro twenty-five years ago.

Old Timers and Christmas Traditions #2

By Angel Nuñez You know that you are an old timer even when it comes to the way you partook in the Christmas celebrations and traditions. Old timers, to begin with, did not have

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Old Timers and Christmas

  By Angel NuñezOne sure way you can tell the difference between old timer Sanpedranos and the modern ones is by the way they remember the Christmas season. The Sanpedranos of many years ago

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Where are the Lobsters?

By Angel NuñezIt was December 2, 1959 and a cold northerly had been blowing for two days. The San Pedro fishermen were bracing for a cold month of December and with it the happy

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The Arrival of Caribs to San Pedro

By Angel Nuñez I have just learned at the 2013 Official Garifuna Celebration, which I thoroughly enjoyed, that there are 350 Garinagu living in San Pedro. Could that be true? I would have estimated

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The Marvelous Barrier Reef of Belize

By Angel Nuñez “Hey Dad, let’s go fishing? “No my son because when you come out of school at 3:30 p.m. it is already a bit late.” “But Dad, it is May and our

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San Pedro's First Fire Fighters

By Angel Nuñez Of course I could not miss the opportunity to put on my overall, rubber boots and helmet to be a part of the first ever fire service for San Pedro. This

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Memories of San Pedro's First Theater

By Angel Nuñez I was chatting the other day with my good friend Clive Welch and when I mentioned the cinema, he remarked, “I did not know you had a cinema in San Pedro;

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Fighting Fires Years Ago in San Pedro Village

By Angel Nuñez The recent unfortunate fire at Ramon’s Village Resort raised a few concerns like “thatch houses are vulnerable to fires” and “why have to resort to a bucket brigade?”  My story today

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A San Pedro You Can Envy

By Angel Nuñez If you would ask me what is one thing I would like to change or fix about San Pedro, I would respond that I would like to see a San Pedro

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