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Pictures of the past compared to what the island, life, and people look like today.  A time capsule in images.

Rush Hour on Barrier Reef Drive

Rush Hour on Barrier Reef Drive better known as “Front Street” to locals. Sandy, two way street in San Pedro. You could walk up and down the street without worries as there waw barely any vehicles on the once quaint fishing village of San Pedro. Here is a comparison of

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Nostalgic Downtown San Pedro

In this Flashback you are standing with your camera right in front of Fido’s in the middle of the street looking down south. A quick glance will tell you that this is the same

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Carnaval Comparsa Mimicking Fidel Castro

During the three days of Carnaval there was a lot of street dancing called “comparsas” from which the village folks derived a lot of fun and entertainment. Here are a few popular ones: Las

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The Bullfight Comparsa for Carnival

El Torito has been one of the all time favorite ‘comparsa’ (dance) during the three days of Carnabal.   This dance has one person dancing with the effigy of a bull and the rest of

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Signing of San Pedro Township Declaration

The groundwork and lobbying for Township had taken place and November 27, 1984 had arrived. Several government ministers, Dame Minita Gordon, Governor General of Belize, and our Area Representative, Hon. Louis Sylvestre were all

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